Laminitis Sufferers Sought For Research Study


Researchers are seeking horses for a clinical study on laminitis treatment.

The study by Nouvelle Research, Inc., and Dr. Tom Schell, will focus on three points of care and management:

  • Barefoot trim with radiographic guidance to re-establish proper coffin bone alignment.
  • Dietary evaluation to reduce carbohydrate intake, processed feed components, provide whole-food nutrients and prebiotics to aid in balancing the hindgut microflora.
  • Targeted supplementation to focus on key pathways impacting inflammation and oxidative stress, which then contribute to pain, circulation, and tissue deterioration.

Horse owners will be required to haul patients into the veterinary facility in Jonesville, North Carolina, every two weeks for evaluation, repeat radiographs, trims and supplement regimen altering if needed.

Horses enrolled in the study will receive all exams, reevaluations, radiographs, and hoof trims at no charge. Supplement regimens may be provided at a minimal cost to cover expenses associated with the supplies and ingredients.

Anyone who has a horse impacted by laminitis and lives within hauling distance of the facility can contact Schell via email at [email protected]

Click here for more details on the study.

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