The Silverado on the Brazos arena and surrounding facilities, which host many cuttings, are for sale. • Photo courtesy of Coalson Real Estate

Silverado on the Brazos Arena Hits the Market

Things are changing at the Silverado on the Brazos complex in Weatherford, Texas. The home of major limited-age cuttings like the Bonanza and Brazos Bash is up for sale.

The main arena and amenities – which include a restaurant, restrooms, offices and apartment – as well as several separate barns, a practice pen, cattle facilities and a nearby home are part of a 241-acre package offered by current owner and active cutter Jerry Durant. The property is listed through brokers Mac Coalson and his son, McAllen.

“Jerry has a little bit too much on his plate and he’s getting older, so he feels that he needs to get some things in order,” said Coalson, co-owner of Coalson Real Estate. “He loves the horse business and enjoys having the major shows and weekend shows there.

One of the amenities cutters have come to enjoy at the Silverado is its restaurant. • Photo courtesy of Coalson Real Estate

“We hope that whoever buys the ranch will continue the weekend shows and also continue the Brazos Bash and Bonanza, because it’s so important to the community,” he added.

The Silverado on the Brazos, which hosts numerous weekend cutting shows in addition to aged events, is popular among the industry’s competitors. The development boasts homes owned by high-profile residents such as Steve and Michelle Anderson, Julie Ann Wrigley, Monty Johnson and several others, Coalson said.

The main facilities at the Silverado were built around two decades ago. The ranch, at the time, stretched 3,000 acres. The legendary Four Sixes Ranch later purchased the property, which again sold about 15 years ago to a group of investors.

“They [Durant and his fellow investors] formed a joint venture and started the development. As time went along, several investors went off on their own and built their own facilities,” said Coalson, who estimated the gated community consists of more than 100 homes. “Then the others decided to sell out, and Jerry Durant bought all the other investors out.”

Durant is offering the Silverado on the Brazos at a listing price of $6.7 million, with additional acreage in the surrounding area available at $10,000-$20,000 per acre.