Greg Coalson & Bets On Bathsheba • Photo by Kristin Pitzer

Coalson, Pattillo and Barlow Steal the Show in Tulsa

The first draw in the Breeder’s Invitational Classic/Challenge Non-Pro finals on May 19 rode out of the arena with a 222 flashing on the screen overhead. Greg Coalson, aboard Bets On Bathsheba, stole the show right from the get-go, leaving the remaining 15 teams vying for second place.

The 6-year-old mare by Bet Hesa Cat (out of Spring Dual x Dual Pep) brought home $17,512 for owner Coalson Acres, raising her lifetime earnings to $94,667. “Sasha” wasn’t even supposed to have been in the competition that evening. The homebred mare hadn’t been worked since the first go of the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Super Stakes Classic Non-Pro.

“I didn’t have her entered because I had several other entries,” Coalson said. “She’s a really good mare, but I would have thought she would be cow-fresh, and just a little silly after being laid off for a bit. But she went out there tonight and she’s never felt more mature! I think she’s trying to tell me something – just leave her alone, and look what she can do! We will see. Now I know I don’t really need to work her a whole lot, I can just work on keeping her sound.”

Taking the first draw amidst an incredibly competitive field would intimidate even the most seasoned veteran, but Coalson was pleased with the slot.

“You know, I was glad about my draw! I would much rather be first than last,” he said. “It’s always been a very tough cutting up here, especially the 5- and 6-year-old classes, and I think the scores reflected that. When you draw last, a lot of the good cows have already been cut. I feel like it’s hard to make a winning run that way. To win one, everything has to fit together for you, and other riders just have to have one little bobble.

“I’m so happy to have won on her here!” he added. “Sasha is just a sweetheart of a mare, and to win on a horse you’ve raised and trained all the way along is really special. I’m so proud!”

Sasha was recently flushed to Hottish for her first foal crop, which the Coalsons are excited about as well. She may be on her way to Las Vegas, but it’s even more likely Sasha will take another break and be raring to go for the NCHA Summer Spectacular.

Classic/Challenge Amateur

Langston Pattillo & High Stylin CD • Photo by Kristin Pitzer

Langston Pattillo, a 16-year-old out of Saint Elmo, Illinois, waited patiently with High Stylin CD while 16 teams took their turn in the Breeder’s Invitational Classic/Challenge Amateur finals on May 19. As the last draw of the class the duo caused quite a stir, and Patillo marking a 225 to a chorus of “yips” and “yes sirs” from the stands.

“I was the last one out,” Pattillo said. “I would have been more nervous if I was first. It was nice to go out knowing what I had to mark and what I had left cow-wise. I was more comfortable there.”

The duo is getting more and more comfortable in the winner’s circle as well. Pattillo and High Stylin CD (High Brow CD x Stylin Playgirl x Docs Stylish Oak) recently took the NCHA Super Stakes Classic Amateur Co-Championship in Fort Worth, Texas.

“I knew I just needed to show my horse to the best of my ability here,” he said. “I was hoping the cattle weren’t all dead by the time I got in there!

“‘Jones’ is such a good horse; he’s by far my favorite horse I’ve ever shown,” Pattillo continued. “We bought him after the Bonanza last year, and it’s like he just knew me. He’s definitely got a special place in my heart.”

While there is a lot to love about the 5-year-old gelding, “He stops real hard – that’s my favorite thing!” Pattillo added with a grin.

The homeschooler said cutting is his hobby, sport and job all in one. That is a successful combination when taking into account that winning the title in Tulsa raised Pattillo’s lifetime earnings to more than $79,000, according to Equi-Stat. Expect to find this duo tearing up the arena in Las Vegas and at the Summer Spectacular real soon!

Classic/Challenge Unlimited Amateur

Glenn Barlow & Ferrarey • Photo by Kristin Pitzer

“I’d always rather drive a Ferrari than a Volkswagon,” fourth-generation rancher Glenn Barlow, who is from Gillette, Wyoming, remarked after being named Classic/Challenge Unlimited Amateur Champion.

Barlow and Ferrarey (Dual Rey x Cats Good Intentions x High Brow Cat) took quite a lead on the 28-horse field at the end of the first set when the pair marked a 222. The horseman boasts lifetime earnings of well over $500,000 after bringing home the $9,804 purse plus $4,294 for winning the Senior title while in Tulsa.

“We went in there with some cows picked out, and those guys that helped out there told me, ‘You just go get your cows cut clean, and it’s over.’ Well, there’s nothing to getting your cows cut clean, so that’s all I was thinking about. We cut what we wanted to cut, and we were blessed to win tonight.”

According to the 63-year-old cutter, it’s a blessing to be aboard a horse you know well.

“Any success I’ve ever had has been on the same family, so it’s awesome to be here with Ferrarey,” he said. “We have the whole family, including her brothers and sisters, and they’re just really good horses. The only thing I don’t like about this mare is that she’s 6, and now I have to get another horse. We’re working on her 3-year-old sister now.”

While Barlow made it look easy in the arena, it wasn’t a smooth ride getting to the finals. In fact, he almost didn’t make the finals at all.

“Yesterday I was in the next to the last bunch, and we were out. I was a 216.5, and a 217 bumped us out. Then they reviewed some poor guy’s score and bumped him down, which put us back in it. We were already headed out on our way to Wyoming!” he chuckled.

“My wife, Joy, only warmed her up a little today cause she thought we over did it yesterday, and when I got on her I said, ‘She’s too fresh!’’ But it worked out better than I thought – we must have needed to have her too fresh. I just wanted to show my horse. I’ve showed her several times, and I haven’t done my part. I’ve messed her up, and I just wanted to do my part tonight and not mess her up, just give her a chance to do what she can do.”

When asked about his and Ferrarey’s future, Barlow said, “Well, we sent them our money for the [NCHA] Summer Spectacular, so we’ll be there!”

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