Discover the Brand-New Nylon Romal Reins With Rawhide Buttons at Dennis Moreland Tack!

Are you looking for a real good set of romal reins that won’t put you over budget? My all new Nylon Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons may be just what you’re looking for! They drape beautifully, are perfectly balanced, and feel great in your hands. The nylon is very tight braid on braid rope and has a lot of weight for its size.

These romals have 45 hand braided rawhide buttons and 9 barrel knots just like my rawhide and kangaroo romal reins. The popper is made of dense, tight fibered racetrack harness leather. The romal and reins with connectors are 108 inches long. They are legal in all events where romal reins are allowed.

Romal Reins are used on horses that have transitioned to a shanked bit or spade bit after being well trained in a hackamore and/or snaffle. They were introduced to the western part of the U.S. in the mid 1700’s by the Spanish vaqueros coming north from Mexico to raise cattle on the vast expanses of unfenced land in the areas where California, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona are now.

All Romal Reins have 2 distinct parts: the reins and the romal. The reins connect to the bit and make up approximately half the length of the entire piece of equipment while the single romal cord makes up the other half. The romal is larger in diameter and heavier than each rein and has braided buttons on the lower end to give it balance. The reins and romal are joined with a connector strap.

Rawhide buttons (knots) are braided onto the first 18 inches of each rein. These buttons serve 3 purposes. They help to keep the body of the rein off the neck of the horse to protect the rein from sweat. They add weight to the rein, and, they put a little extra pressure on the side of the neck the rein lays against when cueing for a turn with the rein. The horse feels the buttons and responds better than with plain leather reins.

The romal on the Nylon Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons is 1/2 inch in diameter and the reins are 3/8 inch in diameter. The romal and reins are connected with a 1/2 inch latigo strap with rawhide balls and loops. The reins have latigo connecting straps with stainless steel buckles and rawhide keepers. Stainless steel swivel snaps are included. All of the rawhide at Dennis Moreland Tack is produced entirely by hand from start to finish before being braided.

This is a perfect 1st set of romal reins. Use them on the ranch, in the practice pen or in the show pen. These romals are a great inexpensive alternative to rawhide or kangaroo romals!

Check out the Nylon Romal Reins with Rawhide Buttons here: To learn more about romals watch my video “How to use Romal Reins”: If you have questions please call or text 817-312-5305 or write [email protected] for more information.

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