Legends West and Andrea Fappani tied to win the 4-Year-Old Futurity Level 4 Open at last year's Wild Card Reining Challenge. This year's edition of the show will host a seminar for NRHA show secretaries. • Photo by Waltenberry

Wild Card Reining Challenge to Provide Seminar for NRHA Show Secretaries

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) will provide a second opportunity this year for show secretaries to attend an in-person workshop in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel and Casino in conjunction with the Wild Card Reining Challenge. The event is open to all current NRHA secretaries, those needing to recertify or those who are interested in becoming certified. Show managers wishing to take part in the training are welcome to attend as well.

The seminar is scheduled to take place on Sunday, May 27. During this time, participants can expect to discuss a variety of important topics for show secretaries including:

  • A look into the show manager’s responsibilities at an NRHA show, and how the manager can make the event a fun-filled experience
  • A review and study on how affiliates tie into NRHA shows, what is needed and how to qualify for the Affiliate Regional Championships and the Adequan® North American Affiliate Championships
  • Certification to be an NRHA Show Secretary, including in-depth training on management and affiliate involvement
  • A chance to sit down with other secretaries, show managers and affiliate contacts and share stories and ideas from past experiences

To register for this event, fill out the registration form. For questions, contact Kristen Liesman at [email protected] or by calling (405) 946-7400.