The SPCA of Texas received a $1.5 million grant to shelter horses in transition. It hopes the additional money will allow it to help four times the horses it currently serves. • Photo submitted.

SPCA of Texas Gets $1.5 Million Grant For Horse Shelter Program

The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Texas has received a $1.5 million grant to accept horses in transition.

Provided by The Right Horse Initiative, the money will allow the group to create a managed-admission shelter program – helping more then four times the horses it currently serves annually.

Working in partnership with The Right Horse Initiative, the SPCA of Texas anticipates an increase in adoptions and transfers from 75 to 330 horses annually at the end of the three-year project. The pilot will also serve as a model for potential similar programs in other areas of the United States.

“This grant will allow us to say ‘yes’ to equine owners in need of support,” SPCA Of Texas President and CEO James Bias said in a statement. “There aren’t many resources for equine owners, so this program will provide a much-needed service to our community and beyond to improve the lives of horses.”

Located in McKinney, the SPCA of Texas serves the Dallas/Fort Worth area as an intake and holding facility for horses seized during neglect and abuse investigations. Managed or open admission programs, which are widely available in the animal welfare community for dogs and cats, do not currently exist on a large scale for horses, leaving owners with few options when they can no longer care for their horse(s). With a lack of options, horses often end up at risk.

Expanding the equine program will allow the SPCA of Texas to begin accepting owner surrenders in significant numbers, possibly preventing neglectful cruelty and other adverse outcomes. A key piece will be rehabilitating, retraining and matching adoptable horses with new owners.

“We have high hopes for this program to make a big impact in the region,” The Right Horse Initiative President Christy Counts said in a statement “It’s an important step towards building the infrastructure to ensure owners will always have a humane option when they can no longer care for their horses and need help transitioning them safely.”

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