Participants in the Colt To Cow Connection competition held March 8-10 in Eltopia, Washington: (from left to right): Colt starter Blaine Davies,of Eltopia, Washington; and contestants Dusty Whitford, Ferndale, WA; Diehl Hiner, Walla Walla, Washington; Jeff Bailey, Kennewick, Washington; Shane Carlon, Whitt, Texas; Travis Rempel, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada; Johnny Hammack, Chiloquin, Oregon; Nina Lundgren of Bonina, Eltopia, WA

Rempel Wins 2-Year-Old Training Competition

A Canadian horseman beat out several talented competitors to win the Colt To Cow Connection colt-training event in Eastern Washington State.

Travis Rempel, of Abbotsford, British Columbia, rode BNL Reydioactive (by Reydioactive) to victory at the event held March 8-10 in conjunction with a National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA)-sanctioned cutting at Bonina Event Center near Eltopia. Trainers were judged on how well they taught a 2-year-old to hook up to a cow.

Each of the young equines had 60 days of riding prior to the competition courtesy of Bonina Ranch’s trainer, Blaine Davies, who also previewed the youngsters for the contestants. Organizers say most of the trainers passed on BNL Reydioactive due to her spirited antics during the preview, but Rempel, who arrived late and missed the preview, picked her because he liked her looks.

Trainers drew for a colt and had three sessions to teach the 2-year-old to hook up to a cow. They had 25 minutes for the first ride on day one, another ride on day two and the finals after the evening’s cutting on day three. Horses were sired by Catty Hawk, High Brow Tuesday, Kit Kat Sugar, Metallic Cat, Once In A Blu Boon, Reydioactive and SDP Matador. Judge was Les Timmons, of Ponoka, Alberta, Canada.

There was an extra colt in the draw, which each trainer had the option of trading with his draw. Organizers say the trainers and colts fascinated the audience. One colt tied for the high mark on the first day, but then bucked on the second. Another quickly learned to follow, turn and stop with the rider’s hand down. A wild one learned to trust.

Rempel was the only rider who took his entire time each day, a move that was rewarded with final scores of 75, 77 and 77. He took home $1,050 for the win, as well as a buckle, jacket, Oxy-Equine supplement and a gift certificate for Ponytail Sportswear.

Reserve Champion was Johnny Hammock, of Chiloquin, Oregon, and BNL Tap A Blu Toon (by Once In A Blu Boon). He won $630.

Third place finisher Diehl Hiner, of Walla Walla, Washington, donated his $420 winning check to benefit Cindy Severe, who is battling esophageal cancer.

Other trainers: Dusty Whitford, of Ferndale, Washington; Jeff Bailey, of Kennewick, Washington; and Shane Carlon, of Whitt, Texas. They received jackets and a bag of Oxy-Equine supplements donated by Bonina, Inc.

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