2017 NCHA Futurity Preferred Breeders Sale Session II

Preferred Breeders Sale Session II

Held December 8, 2017

138 horses consigned

$2,881,400 gross for a $20,880 average

119 sold (86%), $2,408,200 net, $20,237 average and $15,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell. Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

4001    Starlights Dash Home          $2,200

(4/8/2016 chestnut m) (Gold From Home x Dashing Starlight x Grays Starlight); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Wayne Leslie; Alan Chappell.

4002    Docs Stylish Double $26,500

(5/16/2016 bay s) (Docs Stylish Oak x Lahaina Lena x Dual Rey); Waco Bend Ranch Ltd.; Tim Dewey.

4003    Titann $4,000

(3/18/2016 sorrel s) (Spots Hot x That Catomine x High Brow Cat); Glover Galyean Partnership; Kelsey Thomas.

4004    CR Tuffer N Hail      $28,000

(2/1/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x Calie Del Rey x Dual Rey); Center Ranch LLC; Justin Lawrence.

4005    Roscoe            $25,000

(2/24/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Sweet Barbie Doll x Sweet Lil Pepto); Paul/Jackie Fehrenbach; Trey Fricke.

4006    CR Fancy Tuffcat      $9,000

(2/9/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x Brogans Fancy Cat x High Brow Cat); Center Ranch LLC; Todd Adolf, Agent.

4007    Reys Of Hope            $7,500

(3/30/2016 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Annie B Rey x Dual Rey); Hill Ranches; Wes Ashlock.

4008    RN One Smooth Curl          $10,500

(2/12/2016 red roan m) (Smooth As A Cat x RN One Time Curly x One Time Pepto); Rio Neches Cattle Co.; Ty Smith.

4009    CR Tuff Big Boon     $14,000

(1/23/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x CR Dees Boon Meow x Peptoboonsmal); Center Ranch LLC; Cole McVeay.

4010    Play Like Mommy    $5,000

(4/6/2016 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Play Like Clay x Freckles Playboy); Rick Beck, DVM; Zeph Schulz.

4011    Celtic Cat      $10,200

(3/13/2016 red roan g) (Metallic Cat x Mates Irish Rose x Smart Mate); Sherry Knight; Lon Goff.

4012    CR Tuff Catty Treyn $28,000 (RNA)

(1/23/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x ARC Catty Dual x Dual Pep); Center Ranch LLC.

4013    Paradox Reytallic     $20,000

(3/15/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Thimblerey x Dual Rey); Drs. Mike/Sue Christensen; Scott/Cara Brewer.

4014    Day Job          $18,000

(3/13/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Betty Greyble x Stylish Rey); Holmes Cutting Horses; Mike Armitage.

4015    Reyahna         $19,000 (RNA)

(3/18/2016 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x One Little Secret x One Time Pepto); Kathy Knost.

4017    LHR Jamie Maybe Ichi        $9,000

(2/25/2016 sorrel m) (Cat Ichi x LHR Smooth Jamie May x Smooth As A Cat); South Lazy H Ranch Inc.; Debbie Glover.

4018    Mother Kwacker       $11,000

(3/13/2016 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x Kwackin Cat x High Brow Cat); PJ Cutters LLC; Pedro Ornelas.

4019    CR Tuff Lucinderella           $52,000

(1/21/2016 black m) (Woody Be Tuff x Cat Digs Lucinda x High Brow Cat); Center Ranch LLC; JH Nail Ranch.

4020    LB Metallic Rose      $9,000 (RNA)

(2/16/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Ladys On Time x Peptotime); Lynn Blevins.

4021    Chicas CD     $4,700

(3/17/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow CD x Chula Chica x Chula Dual); Winthrop/Judith Aldrich; Ty Smith.

4022    Swiss Pepto    $4,200

(5/2/2016 sorrel s) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Swiss Cat x High Brow Cat); Jerry Durant; Hunter Hicks.

4023    Never Giving In         $13,500

(2/19/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Never Reylinquish x Dual Rey); Fults Ranch Ltd.; Ty Smith.

4024    Time To Honkytonk  $5,700

(2/19/2016 sorrel g) (One Time Pepto x Honkytonk Diva x Royal Fletch); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for WW Ranch LLC; Ashley Shank.

4025    Sweet Thing   $18,000

(4/23/2016 red roan m) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Cattahoochie x High Brow Cat); Jerry Durant; Melinda Gamot.

4026    Drivin Miss Mereyda            $7,200

(2/10/2016 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x Mereyda x Dual Rey); Cannon Quarter Horses; Sharon Overstreet.

4027    Cat Urban      $18,000

(4/10/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Meradas Sly Cat x That Sly Cat); Rocking L Cutting Horses LLC; Crown Ranch LP.

4028    Stylish In Stockings $30,000

(5/8/2007 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x Stylish And Foxie x Docs Stylish Oak); Bred to Metallic Cat; Glenn/Debbie Drake; Corinne Lembke.

4029    Double Tuff Kat         $28,000

(3/3/2016 sorrel s) (Kit Kat Sugar x Tapt Twice x Dual Pep); Waco Bend Ranch Ltd.; Chris Cox.

4030    RN Wood Be Royalty            $10,500

(5/10/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x Royalty Cat x High Brow Cat); Rio Neches Cattle Co.; Justin Lawrence.

4031    Patty Silver Pistol     $36,000

(5/25/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Silver Pepto Pistol x Peptoboonsmal); Gilmar Garcia; Joe Wes Davis.

4032    Out Of Bounds         $13,000

(2/10/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Hal Of A Gal x Halreycious); Holmes Cutting Horses; Justin Wedman.

4033    Kual Kat         $41,000

(5/26/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Dually Lil Pep x Dual Pep); Beechfork Ranch; Andy Christensen.

4034    Voodoo Time  $15,000

(4/19/2016 chestnut m) (One Time Pepto x KD Bayou Belle x Kit Dual); JJ/Tiffany Manion; Gerry Gehring.

4035    Doctor Drey   $18,500

(2/28/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Money Talks Smart x Smart Mate); Beechfork Ranch; Justin Lawrence.

4036    Lahaina Lena            $85,000

(6/1/2007 chestnut m) (Dual Rey x Tap O Lena x Doc O’Lena); Bred to Metallic Cat; Waco Bend Ranch Ltd.; Diamond LK Cutting Horses. (2018 booking fees to Metallic Rebel and Hottish paid).

4037    Bobbi Bobbie Sue     $31,000

(1/29/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Smart Bobbi Sock x Bob Acre Doc); Fults Ranch Ltd.; Michael Seaton.

4038    Stylish Pepto Kat      $31,000 (RNA)

(4/8/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Miss Stylish Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Glenn/Debbie Drake.

4040    LHR Play Smooth     $11,000

(5/3/2016 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Rey Jay Play x Dual Rey); South Lazy H Ranch Inc.; Brandt Murray.

4041    Tin Man          $32,000

(4/13/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Nurse Moss x Dual Pep); Holmes Cutting Horses; Wes Ashlock.

4042    Double Spoonful       $30,000

(3/23/2005 red roan m) (Hes A Peptospoonful x Angie Oakley x Docs Stylish Oak); Bred to Metallic Cat; Pro Fit Equine, Agent for WW Ranch LLC; Linda Brinkerhoff. (sound to show).

4043    Big Metal Momma    $11,000 (RNA)

(2/27/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Dualrey Gin 10 x Dual Rey); Josh/Amy King.

4044    Metallic Chereykee $60,000

(5/30/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Sigourney Rey x Dual Rey); Joan Dee Haun; Todd Quirk.

4045    Metallic Mom            $18,000

(4/20/2016 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Moms Stylish Lady x Docs Stylish Oak); Drummond Land & Cattle Co.; Troy/Mendy Riddle.

4046    Teachers Pet  $38,000

(4/18/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Nurse Moss x Dual Pep); Holmes Cutting Horses; Richard Carney.

4047    Playboy Moms Matilda         $20,000

(2/13/2016 bay m) (Metallic Cat x Reymit x Dual Rey); Nancy Galbreath/Dee Merritt; Mark Senn.

4048    My Stylish Lizzy       $26,000

(4/22/2005 bay m) (Lizzys Gotta Player x Stylish Mom x Docs Stylish Oak); Bred to Bet Hesa Cat; Embryo by Smooth As A Cat; Isbell Quarter Horses; Ray Brazzel. (sells with return to Smooth As A Cat & rebreed to Sannman).

4049    Cup Of Tea    $6,700

(3/18/2016 red roan m) (Rey Dual x Nurse Elaine x Peptoboonsmal); Holmes Cutting Horses; Bar RR Ranches LLC.

4050    Reynncatsndogs        $30,000

(4/25/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Ruby Reyn x Dual Rey); Kathy Knost; Justin Lawrence.

4051    Cat In A Blu Ruby    $14,000

(2/29/2016 red roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Ruby Red Cat x High Brow Cat); Jeff/Griselda Neidhart; Aaron Townley.

4052    Rubys Reypeat          $12,000

(5/1/2016 sorrel s) (Reys Dual Badger x Ruby Tuesday DNA x Peppy San Badger); Ruby Tuesday Partners; Kellie Herrington.

4053    CB Stylish Bella       $8,500

(2/9/2016 bay m) (Docs Stylish Oak x Duals Play Kit x Kit Dual); Charles Burger; Mike Armitage.

4054    Gonewiththetimes    $10,500

(4/17/2016 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x Ruby Bagonia x Peppy San Badger); Arcese/Oswood; Susie Reed.

4055    TS Hal Of A Knight  $9,000 (RNA)

(3/28/2016 sorrel g) (Halreycious x Slow My Roll x Peptoboonsmal); Twin Springs Cutting Horses & Robert/Lynn Meyer.

4056    Cat Chugwater         $20,000

(3/4/2016 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Reys Desire x Dual Rey); H.B. Bartlett, DVM; Darrel Norcutt.

4057    Catty Tag       $95,000 (RNA)

(4/13/2016 bay roan s) (Metallic Cat x Dual Rey Tag x Dual Rey); Jim Haworth.

4058    Rey Playin Up           $27,000

(1/13/2016 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x High Up Cat x High Brow Cat); Rick Ford, Agent for Doug Carpenter; Shane Carlon.

4059    Steady Eddie  $9,000

(3/14/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Nurse Nita x Peptoboonsmal); Holmes Cutting Horses; Kevin M. Wood.

4060    Mindi  $12,500 (RNA)

(1/20/2016 sorrel m) (Dual R Smokin x Metallic Mandy x Metallic Cat); John/Hope Mitchell.

4061    Metallic N Starlight $18,000

(5/19/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Lil Foxie Starlight x Grays Starlight); Glenn/Debbie Drake; Cole McVeay.

4062    CD High Shorty        $5,000

(4/24/2016 bay s) (High Brow CD x Cheyennes Shorty x Shorty Lena); Grace Ranch; Thomas Hulme.

4063    Smart Playin Kitty   $6,500

(4/28/2016 sorrel m) (Sophisticated Catt x She Aint Playin x Playgun); A & M Farms/Michael & Anna Self; Reata Brannaman.

4064    Hal Of Famer            $5,700

(5/29/2016 sorrel s) (Halreycious x Hickory Ten x Doc’s Hickory); Cannon Quarter Horses; Kenny Preston.

4065    Smoothcountinkikbax         $8,000

(4/15/2016 sorrel s) (Im Countin Checks x Cats Freckles Oak x Smooth As A Cat); Ben Corley; Cole Cameron.

4066    SCR Colonel Boomboom     $6,500

(3/20/2016 sorrel s) (SCR Thunder Crackin x Linda Boon Boom x Peptoboonsmal); Singleton Ranches; Melissa Weis.

4067    Metallic My Style     $15,000

(4/17/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x SSR Stylish Peppy x Docs Stylish Oak); James/Suzan King; Alan Chappell.

4068    Mykittiestoostylish  $17,000 (RNA)

(4/5/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x My Stylish Playgirl x Docs Stylish Oak); Glenn/Debbie Drake.

4069    Purrsomesugaronme            $16,000

(5/4/2016 sorrel m) (Kit Kat Sugar x GS Puddys Boonsmal x Peptoboonsmal); Rocking L Cutting Horses LLC; Russ Carroll.

4071    Footloose Gal            $16,000

(2/13/2011 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Quejanapep x Dual Pep); Bred to Dual Smart Rey; Coalson Acres/Greg Coalson; Amy Jones. (sound to show).

4072    Metallica Olena        $60,000 (RNA)

(4/14/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Quiolena x CD Olena); Wichita Ranch.

4073    Sweet Metallic Lena $18,000

(5/18/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Sweet Shorty Lena x Shorty Lena); Fults Ranch Ltd.; Mike Armitage.

4074    Dual Rey Mas            $12,500

(3/29/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Catmas x That Sly Cat); CC Ranch/Roberta Thompson; Richard Irby.

4075    Reeding A Metallic   $30,000

(1/3/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Reeds Instant Magic x Abrakadabracre); Fults Ranch Ltd.; Chris Cox.

4076    Shot Of Fireball        $8,000

(4/8/2016 sorrel s) (Spots Hot x Boozin Susan x Smooth As A Cat); PJ Cutters LLC; Lloyd Cox.

4077    Metallic Yadda          $21,000

(3/4/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Rio CD Yadayadayada x CD Olena); Austin Adams; Susan Steward.

4078    Awesome Autumn    $200,000

(1/18/2004 black m) (Smart Little Lena x Autumn Boon x Dual Pep); Embryo by Metallic Cat; sells with 2018 ICSI breedings to High Brow Cat and Dual Rey; Glenn/Debbie Drake; Lone Oak Performance Horses LLC.

4079    Jazzys Pep Talk        $25,000

(1/27/2001 chestnut m) (Peptoboonsmal x Jazzy Dry x Dry Doc); Embryo by Smooth Talkin Style; Reid Equity Ventures; Randon Adams.

4080    Royal Strey Cat        $17,000

(2/11/2016 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x Red Royal Cat x High Brow Cat); Toni Miller; Mama’s Ranch LLC.

4081    Hawk Eyed Taz          $4,200 (RNA)

(4/8/2016 sorrel s) (Catty Hawk x Tazarena x Pepto Taz); Terrye L. Ward.

4082    Hydrives Specialena $3,700

(5/10/2016 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x ARC Specialena x Smart Little Lena); Jeff/Griselda Neidhart; J.P. Bell.

4083    RPL Boon       $16,500

(5/16/2016 sorrel s) (Boon Too Suen x RPL Ich This x Cat Ichi); Bobbie Arnold Atkinson; Jordan Williams.

4084    Kats Reflection         $7,500

(5/7/2016 sorrel m) (Kit Kat Sugar x RPL Smart Lil Jewel x Peptoboonsmal); Hill Ranches; Ty Cole.

4085    Save The Tatas           $23,000 (RNA)

(1/25/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x MK Rey Girl x Dual Rey); Gale Force Quarter Horses.

4086    One Sugar Or Two   $10,000

(2/24/2016 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Smart Sweetnlow x Smart Sugar Badger); Ruby View Quarter Horses; Jay Hester.

4087    Shacknasty Jim        $20,000

(4/24/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Dual Heritage x Dual Pep); Coalson Acres/Greg Coalson; Curtis Lockey.

4088    High Baby Sister      $29,500 (RNA)

(3/27/2016 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Little Baby Sister x Dual Pep); Clint/Debby Matthews.

4089    Dulces Smart Chet   $13,000

(5/6/2003 sorrel m) (Smart Lil Ricochet x Little Badger Dulce x Peppy San Badger); Bred to Bamacat; Charles Burger; Randon Adams.

4090    Tulsa Time     $12,000

(2/25/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Time In The Sand x One Time Pepto); Doug Hines; Meinzer Livestock LLC.

4091    Rubys Boon 16          $20,000

(1/29/2016 bay m) (Once In A Blu Boon x Cats Ruby x High Brow Cat); Karhan Ranch; Garrett Riddels.

4092    NRR Dual Chrome Cole      $8,000

(4/30/2016 sorrel s) (NRR Cat King Cole x Duallys Little Queen x Dual Pep); North Ridge Ranch Inc.; Jason Gay.

4093    Quivering Cat           $77,000

(5/20/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x TM Quiver x Smart Lil Ricochet); Charles Burger; Center Ranch.

4094    Lookbeforeyouleap   $17,000

(4/21/2016 bay s) (Metallic Cat x Reyling x Dual Rey); Holmes Cutting Horses; Jose Avelar.

4095    Playin Metallic         $44,000 (RNA)

(5/28/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Spots A Playin x Spots Hot); James/Gail Hooper.

4096    Bamas Lil Smoke     $8,000

(2/23/2016 sorrel m) (Bamacat x Lil Hickory Smoked x Bingo Hickory); Gary/Gin Dellinger; Paul Chalmers.

4097    Blue Boon Freckles  $14,000

(3/12/2016 red roan m) (Once In A Blu Boon x San Tule San Doc x San Tule Freckles); Leslie Shaw; Ty Smith.

4098    Lenas Metallicat       $15,500

(3/17/2016 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x MH Short Lena Ultimo x Little Peppys Ultimo); Tom/Cynthia Hensley; Carlos DaSilva.

4099    Quick Dual Cat        $18,500

(5/19/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Quick To Dual x Dual Rey); Fazenda Barrinha Corp.; Crown Ranch LP.

4100    Stylish Freckles Cat $15,000

(3/6/2016 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Stylish Freckles x Docs Stylish Oak); Hill Ranches; Wes Ashlock.

4101    Those Jackson Blues            $10,000

(4/2/2016 red roan s) (High Brow Jackson x Smart Dark N Blue x Peptoboonsmal); Ruby View Quarter Horses; Russell K. Elrod.

4102    CR Tuff Highbrow    $16,000

(3/25/2016 bay s) (Woody Be Tuff x CR Smart Brow April x High Brow Cat); Center Ranch LLC; Evan Moffitt.

4103    Reyz Da Dirt  $14,500 (RNA)

(2/9/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Dirt In Da Skirt x High Brow Cat); Carroll’s Cutting LLC.

4104    SCR Buffalo Thunder          $4,000

(4/17/2016 bay roan s) (Timber Cat 101 x SCR One Time Melody x One Time Pepto); Singleton Ranches; Zeph Schulz.

4105    Mr Boon Too You      $4,700

(5/17/2016 sorrel s) (Boon Too Suen x Kittykittyblingbling x Smooth As A Cat); Mike/Kristy Hitti; Jerry Cruce.

4106    Catbet Nancy $11,500

(3/21/2016 red roan m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Fancy Nancy Dually x Dual Pep); Coalson Acres/Greg Coalson; Michael B. Vernon.

4107    Countin On Trump  $11,000

(3/3/2016 bay s) (Im Countin Checks x Cat Black I x Smooth As A Cat); Charlie/Denise Seiz; Jim Landis.

4108    Metallic Kitten          $23,500

(2/16/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Dual Peppy Kitty x Dual Pep); Isbell Quarter Horses; Lloyd Cox.

4109    CP One Ichi Cat       $10,000

(4/2/2016 red roan m) (Cat Ichi x Lil One Time x One Time Pepto); Cal Poly Corp.; Bruce Randermann.

4110    Our Good Times       $12,000

(5/4/2016 sorrel s) (Hottish x Smart Noontime x Peptoboonsmal); Hill Ranches; Kathleen Moore.

4111    CR Tuff Hearts Dzire           $30,000

(4/21/2016 sorrel m) (Woody Be Tuff x CR Cats Meow x High Brow Cat); Center Ranch LLC; Brant Baca.

4112    Alittle Kit Kat 16      $7,500

(4/8/2016 sorrel m) (Kit Kat Sugar x Twistin Alittle x Peppy San Badger); Crown Ranch LP; Tyler Lewis.

4113    Reysponsive   $26,000

(4/3/2016 chestnut m) (Dual Rey x Shes Icing Onthe Cat x High Brow Cat); Lone Oak Performance Horses LLC; Julie Wrigley.

4114    Lauren Darling         $35,000

(2/10/2016 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Dual Reyganomics x Dual Rey); Tommy Houston; Joe Wes Davis.

4115    Dual Kitty Rey RG    $23,000 (RNA)

(5/8/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Smart Kitty RG x High Brow Cat); Mariposa Farms LLP.

4116    Once Mor       $50,000

(5/16/2016 brown m) (Once In A Blu Boon x Smart Cat Moria x High Brow Cat); Upton Carter Partners; Curtis Weeks.

4117    Dual Hottie    $8,500

(5/4/2016 sorrel m) (Hottish x Dualpep Smart Girl x Dual Pep); Jodie Fitzgerald; Andy Loague.

4119    CR Shes Uh Secret   $34,000

(6/6/2009 chestnut m) (Peptoboonsmal x Shes Pretty Smooth x Wheeling Peppy); Bred to Woody Be Tuff; Center Ranch LLC; William Morris.

4120    Outgothelights         $12,000

(3/31/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Madamn Creeper x Lenas Jewel Bars); Tandy/Alan Steen; Susie Reed.

4121    PRF Cat Power          $6,500 (RNA)

(2/5/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow CD x PRF Reys Gingerpunch x Dual Rey); Pete DeLeeuw/Pennridge Ranch.

4122    Bet Shesa Pitchfork $15,000

(1/19/2016 blue roan m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Libbys Lil Pitchfork x Shorty Lena); Lon Goff; Lynn B. Long.

4123    Manytimes     $77,000

(6/13/2009 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Cats Twisted Whisker x High Brow Cat); Embryo by Stevie Rey Von; Waco Bend Ranch Ltd.; JBRS LP. (sells with 2018 breeding to Dont Stopp Believin).

4124    CR Fancy Stuff          $40,000

(2/26/2016 sorrel m) (Woody Be Tuff x Fancy Frostina x Smart Little Lena); Center Ranch LLC; Kathleen Moore.

4125    Hott Springs  $15,000

(4/10/2016 chestnut s) (Hottish x Spring Dual x Dual Pep); Coalson Acres/Greg Coalson; Paul Chalmers.

4126    Hyadualin Cat          $23,000

(1/16/2016 bay m) (Metallic Cat x Hyadualin Darlin x Dual Pep); Pro Fit Equine, Agent for Dr. David Hartman; Ricky Lee Brown.

4127    Short Of Royalty      $29,000

(4/2/2008 bay m) (CD Royal x RBR Lady Belle x Shorty Lena); Bred to Kit Kat Sugar; Cathy Bardos; Austin Adams.

4128    Bad Boon Rising       $25,000 (RNA)

(2/27/2016 red roan m) (Once In A Blu Boon x TF Cee Dee Stars x CD Olena); Kim Thome.

4129    Countin Crows         $12,000 (RNA)

(3/31/2016 sorrel s) (Im Countin Checks x Catrina Starlight x High Brow Cat); Amanda/Rhein Standish (Roger Daly, Agent).

4130    Rockin W Memories            $13,500

(3/7/2016 sorrel s) (Rockin W x Boon San Baby x Boon San); Hill Ranches; Bar RR Ranches LLC.

4131    Smooth And Eazy      $7,500

(3/18/2016 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Little Stylish Rey x Dual Rey); Jerry Durant; Nicolas Arismendi.

4132    Smart Bella Rey       $11,000

(3/9/2016 sorrel m) (Dual Smart Rey x Lizzabella x Lizzys Gotta Player); Drummond Land & Cattle Co.; Kenny Platt.

4133    RO Stylish Dual Rey            $14,000

(3/4/2016 chestnut s) (Dual Rey x Peppers Stylish Cat x High Brow Cat); Paula/Louie Pinard; Ty Cole.

4134    Penny Pincher          $40,000

(3/17/2016 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Charlies Angel Rey x Dual Rey); Holmes Cutting Horses; Buck Creek Quarter Horses LLC.

4135    NRR Shes Stylish     $10,000

(5/27/2016 sorrel m) (NRR Cat King Cole x Stylish Holi x Holidoc); North Ridge Ranch Inc.; Gerald Wingfield.

4137    Dual N With Duke    $13,000

(1/17/2016 chestnut s) (Cats Merada x Dual N At Noon x Dual Pep); Jerry Gregory; Jeff Clinton.

4138    Im Checking On You           $6,500

(5/24/2016 sorrel m) (Im Countin Checks x Summer Cat Nap x High Brow Cat); Leslie Shaw; Charles Pennington.

4139    Hott Lil Cat   $10,000

(4/26/2016 sorrel s) (Hottish x Sweet Lil Cat x High Brow Cat); Jodie Fitzgerald; Linda Dickson.

4140    Woody Be A Tuff Cat           $17,700

(3/25/2016 sorrel s) (Woody Be Tuff x Sadie The Cat x High Brow Cat); Cannon Quarter Horses; Louis Schuette.

4141    Cat In A Million 16  $22,000

(4/21/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Sweet Little CD x CD Olena); James L. Eakin; Jeana Mullis.

4142    Twistd Mister $19,000

(5/20/2016 bay s) (Smooth As A Cat x LB Ms Cowtown Twist x Doc O Lena Twist); Beechfork Ranch; Randon Adams.

4143    Show Me The Boon   $11,500

(4/15/2016 red roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Sweet Cat RG x High Brow Cat); Brengard Farms; Jesse Maupin.