The National Arabian Reining Horse Association has made changes to its Futurity Incentive Program • Photo by Alex Lynch

NARHA Adjusts Futurity Incentive Program

The National Arabian Reining Horse Association (NARHA), formerly the Arabian Reining Breeders Classic (ARBC), has been offering large cash prize incentives at premier Brumley Management Group, LLC National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) events starting in 2014.

The NARHA was created as an incentive program that would inspire breeders of reining horses to seriously consider the talent, athletic ability and heart of Arabian and Half-Arabians. In order to increase participation the structure of the incentive program, originally designed by the ARBC, has been modification.

The NARHA Futurity Incentive Program offspring enrollment requirement, for four and five year olds commences this year. To simplify and encourage more competition and participation, the stallion enrollment requirement has been removed. This change does not affect offspring who have already paid to enroll. Previously, participation required breeders enrolling their stallions and resulting offspring into the program.

Stallion owners paid enrollment fees much like the successful National Reining Breeders Classic. Those who have already enrolled their horses are automatically eligible to enter NARHA Futurities. Horses that were not previously enrolled will be required to pay an enrollment fee in order to participate in NARHA Futurities starting in 2018. In addition, all exhibitors and owners are required to be members of the NARHA in order to compete.