2017 Winter Premier Sale Results

Winter Premier Sale

Held February 18, 2017

54 horses consigned

$503,550 gross for a $9,325 average

42 sold (78%), $364,150 net, $8,670 average and $8,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

1 Gotta Lil Cash $7,200

(4/25/2014 bay s) (Lil Joe Cash x Ballerina Boots x Master Boot Jac); Mario Sbrana; Ryan Simon.

2 Im A Spookn Gun $4,000

(2/5/2015 bay m) (Spooks Gotta Gun x Be My Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Gunny Mathison.

3 Bee A Smoken Chex $6,500

(3/25/2013 bay m) (Colonels Smoken Chex x Bee Electric x Jacs Electric Spark); Bozidar Ranch; John Twombly.

4 Stars And Sparks $25,000

(2/16/2015 dun m) (A Sparkling Vintage x Belle Starr Dun It x Hollywood Dun It); Turnabout Farm; Tom/Mandy McCutcheon.

5 Shy Under Moonlight $3,500 (RNA) 

(4/20/2009 sorrel g) (Only In The Moonlite x Certainly Shy x Certain Potential); Jim Dudley.

6 DL Rio Pearl $10,000

(4/12/2014 bay m) (CFR Centenario Wimpy x Chexy In Jewels x Bueno Chexinic); Cardinal Hill Training Center; Brandy Kirlin.

7 Chics Dig This Catt $8,000

(4/15/2014 sorrel s) (Sophisticated Catt x Chics Fancy Lady x Smart Chic Olena); Gabriel Diano, Agent; Jay Altman.

8 MJ We Got This $4,800

(1/9/2014 sorrel s) (Shine On Line x Chics Sompen x Smart Chic Olena); Bozidar Ranch; Ty Smith.

9 Xtra Voodoo Chuka $10,000

(2/9/2014 buckskin m) (Shiners Voodoo Dr x Chuka Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Xtra Quarter Horses LLC; Paul Brown.

10 Magnum Affair $3,800

(5/6/2015 sorrel s) (Magnum Chic Dream x Coronas Affair x Corona Cody); Cardinal Hill Training Center; Jessica How.

11 Electric Tradition $9,200

(3/20/2013 sorrel g) (Electric Code x Cowgirl Tradition x Steady Tradition); John/Tamara Bronkema; Ty Smith.

12 Diamonds N The Light $18,500 (RNA) 

(3/31/2013 sorrel m) (Whizkey N Diamonds x DA Tucker Light x Hit The Lights); Mark Rafacz.

13 Cee These Guns $13,000

(4/13/2013 bay m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun It In The Bay x Starlights Wrangler); Cardinal Hill Training Center; Michael Lundy.

14 Dun Its Special Nite $6,200

(5/6/2012 red dun m) (Gunners Special Nite x Dun Its Deja Vu x Hollywood Dun It); Bred to Yellow Jersey;  Craig Cooper; Alex Malo.

15 Gals N Guns $18,000 (RNA) 

(3/11/2013 bay m) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Dun Step N Out x Wimpys Little Step); Jim Morgan.

16 Batteriesincluded $10,200

(1/20/2014 sorrel g) (Yellow Jersey x Dunit With A Spook x Smart Spook); McQuay Stables Inc.; Ty Smith.

18 Third Anniversary $3,000

(4/8/2015 sorrel m) (Third Cutting x Mizz Savannah Taz x Pepto Taz); Texarado Farm and Ranch; Frank Costantini.

19 Guns R Special $8,700

(4/20/2014 sorrel s) (Gunners Special Nite x Guns Or Diamonds x Zans Diamond Dude); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Ty Smith.

21 Wranglin Money $7,700

(3/3/2014 gray m) (Wranglin In Chex x Jesses Major Money x Major Vaquero); Hendricks Reining Horses Inc.; Ryan Simon.

22 Chex Your Smoken Gun $7,000

(3/24/2013 cremello g) (Colonels Smoken Chex x Gunners N Roses x Colonels Smoking Gun); Bozidar Ranch; Mario Madrigal.

23X Miss Chicadual $7,500

(4/2/2012 sorrel m) (Mister Nicadual x Chics Marcie x Smart Chic Olena); Monica Mathison; Brett Collins.

24 Lenas Wild Moonshine $4,700 (RNA) 

(5/5/2015 sorrel s) (Cats Moonshine x Lenas Wild x Quanah O Lena); Joao/Holly Oliviera.

26 Tha Big Smoke $18,000 (RNA) 

(3/1/2013 sorrel m) (Dual R Smokin x Lizzies Last Player x Freckles Playboy); Robbie McKay.

27 Spray Shine $40,000 (RNA) 

(5/2/2009 bay s) (Shining Spark x Miss Hickory Tari x Taris Catalyst); Gabriel Diano, Agent.

28 Nabiscos Nic $9,800

(5/12/2013 chestnut g) (Nabisco Roan x Nic N Chip x Reminic); Holy Cow Performance Horses; Lacey Norris.

29 GD Whiz $12,500

(3/2/2011 chestnut g) (Topsail Whiz x Overdrawn Chic x Smart Chic Olena); Alpha Quarter Horses; St-Onge Reining.

30 Youcancallmequeenbee $9,000

(3/22/2014 brown m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Playfully Stylish x Docs Stylish); Richard/Cheryl Winters; Wayne Hanson.

31 Grace Wins $10,500

(4/4/2014 bay m) (Travelin Jonez x Playgirls Miss Grace x Mister Dual Pep); Nonnie Casselman-Reed; Lacey Norris.

32 Reyning Legend $7,500

(2/3/2011 sorrel g) (Custom Legend x Plum Reyning x Mr Solano Rey); Mark Rafacz; John Twombly.

33 Rios Dun Gun $10,000

(3/13/2015 red dun s) (Colonels Smoking Gun x Rio Dun Good x Hollywood Dun It); McQuay Stables Inc.; Ty Smith.

34 Lil Rojo Jo $1,200

(4/27/2015 chestnut m) (Lil Joe Cash x Rosie Jackspin x Jacspin); Russel Giles; Ty Smith.

35X Hez Reymarkable $11,500 (RNA) 

(3/10/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Haley Bop Hickory x High Brow Hickory); Kenny Schueller.

36 Mobster Chairgirl $2,800

(4/6/2015 sorrel m) (HF Mobster x RS Thats My Chair x Im Chairman); Russel Giles; Sheri Lykken.

37 Little Jersey $8,000

(5/2/2015 sorrel m) (Yellow Jersey x Scoot Lil Bo x Little Bo Badger); McQuay Stables Inc.; Jim McCutcheon.

39 Annie Cat Your Gun $7,200

(3/25/2015 red roan m) (Bet Hesa Cat x She Aint Playin x Playgun); Haverty Ranch, Agent; J.B. Atkins.

40 Shes Loaded Too Cute $4,500

(5/5/2015 sorrel m) (Hes A Loaded Gun x Shes Too Cutetomiss x Hollywood Eighty Six); Bozidar Ranch; Ryan Simon.

41 SJR Shiners Angelena $9,200

(1/10/2014 chestnut m) (CD Lights x Shiners Lil Angel x Shining Spark); Richard/Cheryl Winters; Ryan Simon.

42 Hes Pistol Packin $24,500

(4/17/2015 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Shiners Lil Pistol x Shining Spark); Tom/Mandy McCutcheon; Tony Grover.

43 Hollys In Town $5,500

(3/23/2013 red dun m) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Shiney O Light x Shining Spark); Selah Ranch; Alex Malo.

44 Gota Third $1,700

(4/21/2015 sorrel m) (Third Cutting x Chulas Got A Ride x Chula Dual); Texarado Farm and Ranch; Ty Smith.

45 Alpha Gun Shiner $7,000 (RNA) 

(4/27/2015 sorrel s) (Big Shiner x Slow Down Sister x Colonels Smoking Gun); Alpha Quarter Horses.

46 Shes Juicey N Loaded $5,500

(5/5/2014 sorrel m) (Hes A Loaded Gun x Smart Lemon Juice x Smart Like Juice); Bozidar Ranch; Stefanie Lugo.

47 Sonotfrosted $9,500

(4/4/2014 palomino m) (Wimpys Little Step x Sonata Sorrell x Colonels Smoking Gun); Haverty Ranch; Mike/Holly Major.

49 Dos Moonshine $4,000 (RNA) 

(5/5/2015 palomino s) (Cats Moonshine x Sure Palomino x Doc Palomino); Joao/Holly Oliviera.

52 Smoking Blue Whiz $2,000

(4/26/2015 sorrel s) (Colonels Smart Spook x Who Whiz Baby Blue x Who Whiz It); Haverty Ranch; Ty Smith.

53 Nitey Nite Kiss $10,000

(4/17/2015 chestnut m) (Gunners Special Nite x Wimpys Little Bess x Wimpys Little Step); Craig Cooper; Lindsey Seewaldt.

54 Tinseltown Throwdown $26,750

(1/4/2014 palomino s) (Hollywoodstinseltown x Wimpys Little Gal x Wimpys Little Step); Troop Quarter Horses; Mary Boyd.

55 Xtra Wimpy Crome $11,000

(6/18/2012 chestnut g) (Custom Crome x Wimpys New Pal x Wimpys Little Step); Xtra Quarter Horses LLC; Alan Chappell.

56 Wuv My Mercedes $12,000 (RNA) 

(4/3/2012 bay m) (Cromed Out Mercedes x Wuv Maia x Blessed Twice); Tolbert “Buster” Foster.

57 Wimpyneedsacowgirl $9,200

(2/28/2014 sorrel m) (Wimpys Little Step x A Dandy Cowgirl x A Dandy Star); William Bradley, Agent; Ryan Simon.

58 Spangled Lace $10,500

(5/15/2014 palomino s) (Star Spangled Whiz x A Lil Chantilly Lace x Lil Ruf Peppy); Cardinal Hill Training Center; John Twombly.

59 Lost Track Of Time $4,000

(2/22/2013 bay m) (Triple The Chips x A Timely Impulse x A Sudden Impulse); Jim Dudley; Michael Lundy.

60 Codys Magic Topsail $1,000 (RNA) 

(3/26/2006 chestnut m) (Sailing Bull Cody x Magical Sue x Montana Magic Mack); Bred to Gunners Special Nite;  Amber Waters.

61 Foxys Wild Invester $1,200 (RNA) 

(5/13/2011 bay m) (Freckles Spin Doctor x Miss Jodie Freckles x Colonel Wild Cutter); Amber Waters. (Sells with a breeding to Gunners Special Nite).