2017 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity Select Weanling, Yearling & Broodmare Sale Results

Select Weanling, Yearling & Broodmare Sale

Held September 16, 2017

56 horses consigned

$481,500 gross for a $8,598 average

44 sold (79%), $360,700 net, $8,198 average and $7,050 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell. Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

401      Miss Rooster Gun     $6,700 (RNA)

(3/19/2016 bay m) (Gallo Del Cielo x Kissa This x Playgun); Mike Russell.

402      Im Ironman   $13,250

(4/10/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Dual Lena Bars x Dual Rey); Melissa Perry; Ty Smith.

405      Cats Stylish Belle    $7,250

(3/8/2016 sorrel m) (Cats Merada x TR Stylish Belle x TR Dual Rey); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Jayson/Teresa Fisher.

406      One Timely Cat        $13,500

(4/22/2016 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Stylish N Catsmart x WR This Cats Smart); JK Performance Horses; Brady Weaver.

407      Ima Bit Smarter        $22,000 (RNA)

(4/13/2016 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Bit Of Starlight x Grays Starlight); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses.

408      Hickorymissy            $7,000

(3/8/1999 bay m) (Doc’s Hickory x Smokin Haidas x Haidas Little Pep); Bred to Gunnatrashya; Mike Russell; Nancy Roberts.

409      Keep Lookin  $14,500 (RNA)

(3/19/2016 red roan m) (Rockin W x Heres Lookin At You x Peptoboonsmal); Rick Ford, Agent.

410      Nicci Two Sox            $10,000

(3/29/2016 buckskin m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Shine By Frosty Nic x Shine By The Bay); Bob Riding; Pam Woolsey/Ted Peters.

411      Once Ina Bay Boon  $6,500 (RNA)

(3/5/2016 bay g) (Once In A Blu Boon x The First Kitty x Chiquita Cat); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.

412      Totheboon Alice        $10,250

(3/27/2016 red roan m) (Smart Boons x Miss MIghty Lena x Shiners Lena Doc); Modic Susan Schwabacher; Celia Westbury.

413      Heza Zack T Haida   $3,500

(3/25/2016 dun g) (Zack T Haida x Sheeza Gallant Cita x Leo San Cita); Judy Raley; Carol Kenyon.

414      Ima One Time Remedy        $20,000 (RNA)

(4/27/2016 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Ima Smart Response x Smart Little Lena); Sprig Haven Farms.

415      Mollena Jewels         $7,750

(3/7/2004 chestnut m) (Dualin Jewels x Bob Acre Molly x Bob Acre Doc); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Forrest Lucas.

416      Fooled By A Tomcat  $7,250

(4/1/2016 bay m) (Tomcat Chex x Badgers Lil Panda x Brooksinics Badger); Pamela Eversole; Perry Quarter Horses.

417      Boon Time Cat          $14,000 (RNA)

(4/21/2016 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Ms Crystal Highbrow x High Brow Cat); Western Jules Livestock.

418      Lenametal     $10,000

(5/9/2016 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Smart Little Livie x Smart Little Lena); Vinatge Oaks Ranch; Kit Hall.

419      Fantastic Style 001   $5,500

(4/6/2016 sorrel s) (Stylin Cat x Fantastic Plastic x Whittle Mike O Dual); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co; Hope/Dann Miller.

420      Wapiti Light  $6,250

(5/2/2016 bay m) (Dulces Little Light x Belle Wapiti x Leo Wapiti King); Matt Fischer; Richard/Rena Whyler.

422      Miss Quiolena Rose $4,500

(4/29/2016 bay roan m) (Mecom Bay Roan x Mighty Make Believe x Peptoboonsmal); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co; Cynthia Bias

423      Mighty Fine Dualin  $20,000

(5/24/2016 sorrel s) (Dual Pep x Mighty Fine Sue x Smart Little Lena); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Chris Krieg.

424      Jasons Rey Of Light $10,000

(2/4/2016 sorrel m) (Olena Oak x Jasons Rey Of Light x Dual Rey); Mel Smith/Nichole Branquinho; Thad York.

426      Kitty Hawks Bay       $14,500

(1/30/2016 bay s) (EBR Kitty Hawk x Tina Bars Effie x Tina Bars Peppy); Rick Ford, Agent; Taffy Stansbury.

427      Black Mecom Cat     $6,000

(4/17/2016 black m) (Black Catamounts Rey x Looks Like A Mecom x Mecom Blue); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co; Ted Levine.

428      Antoine          $9,000

(4/13/2016 brown s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Nik Nak Paticat x High Brow Cat); Rick Ford, Agent for Doug Carpenter; Silver Spur Ranches.

429      Sippin Moonshine    $9,250 (RNA)

(3/16/2016 chestnut s) (Cats Moonshine x Tangy Moo Cha Cha x Tangys Classy Peppy); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses.

430      Hes Smooth As Ice    $3,750

(4/20/2016 sorrel s) (Real Smooth Cat x Frostys Dancin Lady x Frostys Blazin Star); Ken or Ramona Wold; Jessica Wright.

430A   Smooth Roxy $6,500

(3/7/2016 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Stylin Roxy x Dual Pep); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Laura Raywak.

431      RTR Miss Blue N Gold         $4,600

(4/20/2016 palomino m) (Blue One Time x Golden Hair Surpise x TR Dual Rey); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses; Charlotte Hackamack.

432      Jessies Jackson         $7,500 (RNA)

(4/13/2016 bay s) (Brother Jackson x Pretty Lil Cowgirl x Cowboy Cattylac); Ken or Ramona Wold.

433      Kitty Hawk Rusty     $3,500

(3/17/2016 sorrel s) (EBR Kitty Hawk x Rubies For Xmas x Docs Christmas); Rick Ford, Agent; Rose Ranch.

434      Dulces Sweet Becky $5,750

(3/21/2017 buckskin m) (Dulces Little Light x Wicheyed Becky x Two Eyed Red Buck); Matt Fischer; Angela Begley.

435      Lil Mister Ichi           $12,500

(2/22/2016 sorrel s) (Cat Ichi x Lil Miss Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Rick Ford, Agent; Danielle Quinn.

436      RTR Dare To Dream  $5,000

(4/28/2016 red roan m) (Blue One Time x My Uncles Lena x Rey Dual); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses; Molly Russell.

437      RVR Reyz N Sparks  $5,200

(3/28/2016 palomino m) (TR Dual Rey x Moment To Shine x License To Shine); Rogue Valley Ranch; Charlotte Hackamack.

438      Poohs Lil Legend      $6,200

(4/14/2016 palomino s) (Custom Legend x Poohs Lil Cat x Smooth As A Cat); Judy Raley; Dan Probert.

439      Hawks Irish   $3,900

(4/30/2016 sorrel s) (EBR Kitty Hawk x Megan McBride x Docs Christmas); Rick Ford, Agent; Mardie Altman.

440      Heza Stylist   $25,500

(3/18/2016 sorrel s) (High Brow CD x Style O Bar x Docs Stylish Oak); Dacole Investment Co.; Dann Russell.

441      Citas Smoken Black Hawk $3,000

(4/22/2016 bay overo g) (Zack T Haida x Smokin Black Magpie x Smoke N Black Hawk); Judy Raley; John Freeman.

442      RTR Reason To Dream         $3,400 (RNA)

(4/21/2016 black m) (Judge Boon x Bobcat Betty x High Brow Cat); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses.

443      Slick Metal    $12,000

(4/12/2016 sorrel s) (Metallic Cat x Playboys Lucky Dolly x Freckles Playboy); JK Performance Horses; Kenneth Owens.

444      Cats Henrietta          $16,000

(3/11/2016 sorrel m) (High Brow Cat x Merada Lena x Freckles Merada); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Hope/Dann Miller.

445      RTR Blonde Justice  $4,500 (RNA)

(4/26/2016 buckskin m) (Judge Boon x Blonde Cat Kelli x Cats Red Feather); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses.

446      Kissa This      $6,750 (RNA)

(1/21/2001 gray m) (Playgun x Zans Diamond Desire x Zans Diamond Sun); Bred to Sannman; Mike Russell.

447      Boonsghetti   $7,500

(3/25/2016 red roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x Cat Mate x High Brow Cat); Johanna Watson; Ty Smith.

449      Pistol Packin Lucy    $4,100

(5/2/2005 sorrel m) (Gangster Chic x Okie Jacs Dream x Mr Okie Leo Jac); Bred to UB A Stylin Peppy; Piras Cows & Horses; Holly Rossi.

450      Once A Boon $4,900

(5/4/2016 black s) (Once In A Blu Boon x NQH Blue Moon x Hes A Peptospoonful); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co; Kelley Ferry.

450A   Hes A Good Bet         $11,500

(5/3/2017 sorrel s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Smart Mariah x Smart Little Lena); Dan Perez; Barbara Gilsun.

451      RTR Reydar   $14,000

(2/24/2016 bay s) (Dual Rey x CD Cinco De Mayo x CD Royal); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses; Michelle Freitas.

452      RVR Whiz N Chex   $5,200

(4/11/2016 sorrel m) (Simply A Spark x FM Master Tag Chex x Big Chex To Cash); Rogue Valley Ranch; Lex Firth.

453      Gloria Boon   $7,800

(2/14/2012 sorrel m) (Cats Quixote Jack x Jojo Boon x Peptoboonsmal); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Jacqueline Cook.

454      Lil Spoon Of Pepto   $4,000

(4/23/2016 red roan s) (Lil Spoon x Wyo Blue Butterfly x Chucker Blue Kid); Judy Raley; Rose Ranch.

455      RTR Jazzin The Blues          $5,700 (RNA)

(4/16/2016 red roan m) (Blue One Time x Cattys Dual Jazz x Dual Jazz); Redtail Ranch Performance Horses.

456      Peekn At Blueprints            $3,200

(4/15/2016 black s) (Peptos Blueprint x CP Peekn Sneakn Blue x Peeka Pep); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co; Ryan Gallagher.

457      Bambi Merada           $9,000

(3/21/2016 sorrel m) (Cats Merada x Bambi Boon x Peptoboonsmal); Cowan Ranch, LLC; Jan Handtmann.

458      Bet He Can Boogie   $7,100

(4/1/2016 red roan g) (Bet Hesa Cat x SJS California Poppy x Soula Jule Star); Sola Fide Farms; Cynthia Bias.

459      Nics Chex To Cash   $3,500

(5/1/2016 sorrel g) (Nics Black Diamond x Birthday Chex To Cash x Big Chex To Cash); Judy Raley; Ryan Gallagher.