The team of former Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek (pictured) and magazine publisher Hal Brown took top honors at the 2017 Careity Celebrity Cutting. • Photo by Molly Montag.

Former Football Players Lead the Pack in Careity Celebrity Cutting

Two former football players showed they can make the move from the playing field to the dirt of the “Big Pen” on Friday during the Careity Celebrity Cutting at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.

The fundraising event benefiting Careity Foundation, a nonprofit that assists cancer patients and children with devastating diseases, included a mix of 16 athletes, singers, musicians and community leaders.

The riders were paired into two-person teams and, although they competed separately, their combined scores were used to determine the placings.

At the end of an exciting night, the Championship went to the team of former Dallas Cowboys tight end Jay Novacek and Fort Worth area magazine publisher Hal Brown, who played for Texas Christian University.

Magazine publisher and former Texas Christian University football player Hal Brown was half of the winning team in the Careity Celebrity Cutting. • Photo by Molly Montag

Together, the two men combined for a 439, besting Reserve Champions Tom Watson and singer Katy Keenie by 19 points.

Novacek, a five-time Pro Bowler, said the combination of the Careity Foundation’s mission and his passion for horses keep him coming back year after year.

“Cancer affects pretty much every family in America in some way, form or fashion,” said Novacek, who marked a 216. “And, the second thing is these animals we love so much.”