Breast Collars

– the Secret to Helping Your Horse Have Better Runs while Keeping You Safer!

It’s unfortunate, but breast collars are generally an optional item on a saddle. If you ride cow horses, barrel racers or rope horses, to name a few, you may already know just how important breast collars are says Dennis Moreland Tack. These are just some of the disciplines where our horses make quick stops and turns with powerful acceleration out of the turns. Breast collars can be a literal life saver. They help keep your saddle centered and secure on your horses back as it powers through the maneuvers. Steep inclines on the trail are another place a breast collar is invaluable.

A breast collar that fits and is adjusted correctly will prevent your saddle from rolling sideways or slipping back. The quick turns and transitions to top speeds we require of our horses these days are much easier for them to make with centered and stabilized saddles. These maneuvers are so quick it’s hard to see how much extra effort your horse has to put into them, to keep itself under the saddle, if it’s not where it should be on its back. A good fitting breast collar allows enough movement of the saddle for your horse to make correct and powerful maneuvers while it helping hold the saddle and rider right where they need to be.

Having a breast collar also helps you to not have to cinch up as tightly. This is especially true on horses with low withers like a lot of colts have. A good breast collar should fit both small and larger horses. Often riders will buy a breast collar that’s too big. If it’s so long that you’re forced to take several wraps of the tug straps around your saddle’s Dee Rings the breast collar is too big. The extra wraps make a lump at the Dee rings that can be uncomfortable on your knees. Like anything that’s too big, these breast collars don’t work like a well-fitting breast collar with straight properly adjusted tugs .

There are so many breast collars on the market that are just too big. I build a breast collar that will fit both a 2 yr. old and an older, larger horse. It’s better to purchase a quality breast collar that’s shorter in length between its D rings. This allows you to adjust the tug straps as necessary to properly fit both small and large horses.

Breast Collars are important pieces of equipment to help center and stabilize your saddle and you. I make a wide variety of handmade breast collars available for training, showing, ranching, roping, trail riding, and barrel racing that will last. My friend and mentor Curly Tully has the 1st breast collar I ever made (in 1977) and he still rides it every day. I also make replacement tugs and replacement center snap and buckle pieces . For more information please write to [email protected] or call/text 817-312-5305.

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