Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore

People Said-Give Us Choices! The Dennis Moreland Tack Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore is ready to ride in 3 new colors!

A great loping hackamore can make a difference between just prepping your horse to show and really warming him up to show at his very top level. You want a hackamore that has enough feel to get the response you need while warming up and will also help your horse relax and be ready to show.

The handmade Dennis Moreland Tack Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore is made of 5/16 inch nylon solid braid rope and is now available in pink, purple and blue as well as the original tan! The 4 Plait braid gives this hackamore enough feel on your horse’s nose to get a good response while you’re warming up but is soft enough to let your horse really relax and prepare its mind for the show pen. The weight of the heel knot is balanced with the noseband to give a quick and smooth release when rein pressure is released.

At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore’s noseband is 10 inches in length from top to bottom. Larger and smaller sizes can be custom made upon request. This hackamore comes with a harness leather browband headstall, fiador and with your choice of 6 hackamore reins

Because you work hard to get the very best from your horse in the show arena you want to be sure you’ve got the right equipment to get your horse warmed up to perform at its best. A good loping hackamore will make a difference. My Soft 4 Plait Loping Hackamore works well on horses that respond to mild pressure on their nose and that need a little time to relax and get ready to show. It’s comfortable on a horse and can also help stressed or tense horses relax. Because this hackamore’s noseband is made of soft rope this is not a good option for horses that don’t respond to pressure on their nose or respect pressure applied to their nose. Give us a call at 817-312-5305 or write to [email protected] with questions on hackamores and on all your tack needs.

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