New AQHA Award Recognizes International Quarter Horse Breeders

International breeders that raise working American Quarter Horses are eligible for a new award from the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA).

The Amarillo, Texas-based association recently announced the creation of the International Best Remuda Award. An expansion of the AQHA’s existing Best Remuda program, this award is available to cattle and livestock operations outside the United States that raise and use registered Quarter Horses for ranch work.

“The Best Remuda Award is a prestigious award and aids in giving recognition to ranchers who work hard at breeding ranching horses,” AQHA Executive Director Craig Huffhines said in a statement. “AQHA is proud to present the International Best Remuda Award starting in 2018 to highlight ranches outside of the United States that are producing American Quarter Horses for their use on the ranch.”

Applicants must breed and register five foals annually and be in good standing with the AQHA and its Ranching Heritage Program. They must have at least five registered AQHA mares used to produce ranch horses, and the ranch’s remuda must be made of registered Quarter Horses.

The winner will be announced in July 2018. Officials will present the award in November at the Working Ranch Cowboys Association World Championship Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo.

Visit for more information and application forms. Or, click here for a printable application.

Submissions are due March 1, 2018.

Send completed applications to AQHA International Department, P.O. Box 200, Amarillo, Texas 79168. For questions, contact Anna Morrison at 806-378-4333 or [email protected].