Weighted Reins-What’s the Secret to Getting the Best Reins?

Have you ever wondered why the best weighted reins feel so good and have such a nice drape? Dennis Moreland, owner of Dennis Moreland Tack, says it’s the weights and thicknesses of the hides that make great reins . “I have been hand cutting and finishing weighted harness leather reins for 41 years. The biggest key to making a very good pair of naturally weighted reins is to have the knowledge and experience to know what leather makes a great pair of reins.”

It’s a little known fact that leather quality varies considerably between hides. To cut good bridle reins only very good hides can be used. There is no trick or extra step or special oil that a rein maker can use to make less than premium leather into a great pair of reins.

“To make reins I lay the hides out flat on a long table. The leather is consistently thickest and heaviest in certain areas of the hides. I cut across the entire length of each hide with the thicker, heavier areas of the hides becoming the tail and bit ends of the reins. The heaviest ends are the tails and they balance out the slightly less heavy but longer ends which become the bit ends. This gives the bridle reins balance in your hands and a nice drape. No extra leather or additional materials are added to good reins to weight them.”

Being able to identify and cull hides that will not make a premium set of reins is as important as being able to correctly cut and finish the hides that will! Only the most dense, tightest fibered hides go into making a harness leather bridle rein that, once you ride with it, you’ll never want to ride with any other. “To have a horse with feel your reins have got to have feel”. Curly Tully Check out the hand cut Dennis Moreland Harness Leather Reins here: . If you have questions or would like some help to know just which rein will work for you call 817-312-5305.

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