Wanted: Nominations For NCHA Members Hall of Fame

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is seeking nominations for the 2018 roster of the association’s Members Hall of Fame.

Nominations will be accepted through Jan. 15, 2018. Nomination forms are available online at nchacutting.com

Or, click here for a printable nomination form.

Nominees must have made outstanding and significant contributions that were influential and supportive to the NCHA’s growth. They also should have shown leadership and been an ambassador for the association and the sport of cutting through civic, community, state, regional and national public service or business-related activities that directly or indirectly benefited the NCHA.

They may be living or deceased.

Officials will not consider nominations of people who have done things detrimental or harmful to the character and welfare of the association. Those on the suspension list or on probation at the time of the nomination will not be considered. Members serving on the executive committee or who are employed by the NCHA cannot be nominated to the Hall of Fame during their tenure.

Submissions will be reviewed by NCHA Executive Director Chuck Smith to ensure they meet eligibility requirements, and then forwarded to a selection committee for deliberation. The chairman of the Members Hall of Fame committee will present the desired list of finalists to the executive committee, which has final approval.

The 2017 inductees were Barbra Schulte, Leon Harrel, Bill Martin, Nina Lundgren and Keith Deaville.

Mail forms and supporting materials to NCHA, Attention: Hall of Fame nominations, 260 Bailey Ave., Fort Worth, Texas, 76107.