Quarter Horse News Sales Price Guide

The Quarter Horse News Performance Horse Sales Price Guide is a publication with all the facts, figures and highlights from performance horse sales held each year. The guide includes all horses consigned to major sales in the cutting, reining and reined cow horse disciplines. The Sales Price Guide contains all sorts of numbers for you to look at – medians, averages, gross and net sales, and percentages.

Whether you’re buying a horse, selling a horse or just want to know where our industry stands right now, the statistics and figures can be a valuable barometer on which to base your future plans. Access to accurate information is vital to the decision-making process, and that basic credo is what drives the Sales Price Guide.

Results in the Sales Price Guide are obtained by attending the sales and by official sales results provided by the sale companies. Official transfer of sold horses is verified by checking breed association registration, and it does not include the horses that were consigned to sales and subsequently withdrawn.

For many categories listed in the price guide, the median price is the value on which the rankings are made. The median is the bid halfway between the highest and lowest bids, meaning that half of the bids are higher than the median and half of the bids are lower. The median is considered the true indicator of market value, because it is not affected by unusually high or low bids, as is the average. Readers are encouraged to look beyond the lists to analyze the number of horses consigned, sell-through percentages and averages.

In 2017, the Sales Price Guide was offered as a standalone publication in place of the Aug. 15 issue of the magazine. To order a back issue of the QHN Performance Horse Sales Price Guide, email quarter[email protected] or call 800-680-4035.