The horse industry has pulled together in the wake of natural disasters. • Stock photo courtesy of Brooke USA

Hurricane Irma Horse Relief

Due to the projected path of Hurricane Irma, Quarter Horse News has created this page in an effort to publicize the needs of those in the horse industry. This page is intended as a resource to connect those in need with those able to assist. QHN is in no way affiliated with any of the individuals listed on the page.

If you or someone you know is in need of help with horses or livestock, please email [email protected] or call 817-569-7147

Those In Need:


Assistance Available:

Location: Lebanon, Tennessee

Offer: Space available in pasture for 3 to 4 horses. Camp sites available nearby.
Contact: Lynn Powell Toy @ 615-202-3996 or [email protected]


Location: Greeneville, Tennessee

Offer: Space for horses on 45 acres; space available for people, as well; building for storage and room for trailer parking

Contact:  Lucinda @ 352-843-6484 by phone (no voicemail) or text


Location: Cairo, Georgia & Tallahassee, Florida

Offer: Space for up to 6 horses; space for camper; assistance hauling 3 horses at a time; load of hay/feed/supplies leaving for Texas Saturday, Sept. 2

Contact: Philippe Muller @ 915-309-8024


Location: Caroline County, Virginia

Offer: Two-horse trailer available for help with relocation of horses, dogs, chickens and goats. Space available for animals, as well.

Contact: Helen @ 540-604-6261


Location: Fountain, Florida

Offer: Space available for horses and cattle (80-acre farm with pastures)

Contact: Jay Furr @ 850-691-2575