Hurricane Harvey Horse Relief

Due to the destruction and flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Quarter Horse News has created this page in an effort to publicize the needs of those in the horse industry. This page is intended as a resource to connect those in need with those able to assist. QHN is in no way affiliated with any of the individuals listed on the page.

If you or someone you know is in need of help with horses or livestock, please email [email protected] or call 817-569-7170.

Those In Need:

Location: Tivoli, Texas

Need: Cattle panels and posts and/or monetary donations

Contact: Sheryl @ 254-548-7000 or [email protected]


Location: Ingleside, Texas

Need: Fencing and metal to rebuild barn, barn roof

Contact: Lisa Savage @ 409-594-9134


Location: Pearland, Texas

Need: Horse evacuation (in standing water)

Contact: 309-531-8623


Location: Beaumont, Texas

Need: Cattle trailer to rescue 100 dogs & 100 cats (located at Ritter Lumber, 7420 Texas St., Beaumont, TX)

Contact: Carrie @ 307-763-7752


Location: Beaumont, Texas

Need:  Medical supplies, feed & water

Contact: Ford Convention Center @ 409-951-5400


Location: Orange, Texas

Need: Urgent evacuation for 1 horse, 6 ponies and 4 goats (water rising)

Contact: 409-289-4358


Location: Coldspring, Texas

Need: Evacuation of 30 dogs

Contact: Priyanka @ 832-277-3577


Location: Orange, Texas

Need: Evacuation of miniature horses (located in kitchen with water rising)

Contact: Unknown (address given is 4201 Breckinwood St., Orange, TX)


Location: Arthur, Texas

Need: Immediate water rescue for 9 horses and 2 donkeys

Contact: Kristi @ 409-350-9151


Location: Silsbee, Texas

Need: Evacuation for 2 pot belly pigs, 5 chickens and 2 lab mix dogs

Contact: Diane Kuebodeaux @ 408-679-6376


Location: Sour Lake, Texas

Need: Miniature donkey evacuation

Contact: Kim San Miguel @ 409-273-6951


Location: Splendora, Texas

Need: Horse evacuation (2 mares in 6+ feet of water; boat needed for rescue)

Contact: Megan Tate @ 832-401-7340


Location: Fresno, Texas

Need: Horse evacuation (13 head; 3 possibly trapped)

Contact: Adrian Caldwell @ 832-332-3558


Location: Houston, Texas

Need: Horse evacuation (23 head)

Contact: 832-326-0443


Location: Magnolia, Texas

Need: Horse evacuation

Contact: 832-256-0458


Location: Santa Fe-Dickinson-Alvin area

Need: Horse evacuation

Contact: Caitie Szanyi @ 936-777-1377


Location: Hankamer, Texas

Need: Immediate evacuation for dogs

Contact: Tall Tails Animal Rescue @ 413 Speights Loop Road, Hankamer, TX 77560


Location: 7W Youth Riding Group, Tomball, Texas

Need: Feed & hay for horses and cows

Contact: Larry Wilkins @ 832-347-0425


Location: Houston, Texas

Need: Fencing, feed, hay, storage containers, sheds, monetary donations

Contact: HALTER Inc.; Maria Pigozzi @ 281-508-6501


Location: Springtown, Texas

Need: Donations to take south on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1

Contact:  Holeshot Valley MX @ 817-220-4359 or on their Facebook page


Location: Still Creek Ranch

Need: Hay & Donations

Contact: Texas A&M Horsemen’s Association or GoFundMe


Location: Weatherford, Texas

Need: Donations destined for Port Aransas & Houston

Contact: Cutters With Compassion on Facebook


Location: 4033 Iron Works Parkway, Lexington, KY 40511

Need: Supplies (updated list)

Contact: 859-233-0147 or859-327-8750 for after hours donations


Location: Online & multiple physical hubs (Austin Equine Hospital in Driftwood; Brazos Valley Equine Hospital in Salado; Elgin Veterinary Hospital in Elgin; Animal Imaging in Irving; Retama Equine Hospital in Selma; Town & Country Animal Hospital in Kerrville; West Texas Equine Clinic in Abilene; Brazos Valley Equine Hospital in Navasota)

Need: Supply and monetary donations

Contact: Texas Equine Veterinary Association (TEVA) online or Desiree Heath @ 817-222-6404


Location: Online & by phone

Need: Donations

Contact: American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Foundation online or @ 800-443-0177


Location: Online

Need: Donations

Contact: United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Equine Disaster Relief Fund


Location: Online

Need: Donations

Contact: Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Disaster Relief Fund


Location: Arizona & online

Need: Donations destined for Texas (hay; feed; medical supplies; monetary donations)

Contact: Rebecca Morgan @ 602-469-2682 or the online Facebook collection

Assistance Available:

Location: Will come to you

Offer: General labor, with extensive horse experience

Contact: Tom McCarthy @ 916-257-9615


Location: San Marcos, Texas

Offer: Space available for 2 horses

Contact: Carol @ 281-857-1808


Location: East of Austin, Texas

Offer: Space available for 4 horses

Contact: Brittany Jones @ 512-506-1020


Location: Fountain, Florida

Offer: Space available for horses and cattle (80-acre farm with pastures)

Contact: Jay Furr @ 850-691-2575


Location: North Central Texas (facilities located in Decatur and Wichita County)

Offer: Space available for horses and cattle

Contact: S-S Horsemanship & Training; Scott Skinner @ 361-946-7691


Location: Celina, Texas

Offer: Rigs and cowboys for help evacuating; Space available for horses & cattle

Contact: Punk Carter Horsemanship @ 214-755-7760 or by private message on Facebook


Location: Justin, Texas

Offer: Space available for two horses

Contact: Alex Lynch @ 937-903-6353


Location: Humble, Texas

Offer: Space for horses (mares and geldings will current coggins only); Space for campers

Contact: Ralph & Tamara Hampton @ 936-201-6642


Location: Parker County, Texas

Offer: Stalls & paddocks available for horses; Two houses for people

Contact: Vanessa Dunham @ 817-475-8339


Location: San Antonio, Texas

Offer: Space available for horses and RVs

Contact: San Antonio Rose Palace @ 210-698-3300 or [email protected]


Location: Benbrook, Texas

Offer: Free board for displaced horses (current coggins required)

Contact: Georgia Cartwright @ 817-205-8818 or [email protected]


Location: Forestburg, Texas

Offer: Space for 4-5 horses

Contact: JPM Ranch Company; Mackenzie Martin @ 214-406-6062 or [email protected]


Location: Riesel, Texas

Offer: Space for horses and cattle; spare bedroom; trailer hook-up

Contact: Diamond D-D Ranch; Judy Percivill @ 254-292-2089


Location:  Bryan, Texas

Offer: Large animal shelter

Contact: Brazos County Expo @ 211


Location: Rogers, Texas

Offer: Space available for horses (approximately 10 head); assistance hauling horses

Contact: Rice Ranch; Rusty & Kathi Rice @ 254-534-3492 or 254-534-3490


Location: Kerrville, Texas

Offer: Space for horses

Contact: Dianne Lents @ 713-252-7052


Location: Denton, Texas

Offer: Driver, truck & 12-horse trailer that can be used for cattle, as well (experience with cattle, horses, goats, sheep & llamas)

Contact: Mark Gohlke @ 512-586-4709


Location: Rusk, Texas

Offer: Space for horses; guest house for shelter also available (small pets OK)

Contact: Rose Littlefield @ 970-405-8816


Location: Tyler, Texas

Offer:  Space for livestock (40 head); Facility for wound treatment; feed & hay; space for 4 people

Contact: Shelly Williams @ 903-714-7940


Location: Midlothian, Texas

Offer: Space on 15 acres for horses

Contact: Jeff & Tonja Millet @ 214-766-0586 or 214-766-8098


Location: Brownwood, Texas

Offer: Space available for horses

Contact: Lisa Wiedenhoefer @ 512-921-0097


Location: Navasota, Texas

Offer: Space for horses (40 acres fenced)

Contact:  Marylee Flippen @ 210-316-1542


Location: Strawn, Texas

Offer: Space for horses

Contact: Holly Lane @ 254-212-9177


Location:  Emory, Texas

Offer: Space for horses

Contact: Susan Wilburn @ 903-243-6201


Location: Greeneville, Tennessee

Offer: Space for horses on 45 acres; space available for people, as well; building for storage and room for trailer parking

Contact:  Lucinda @ 352-843-6484 by phone (no voicemail) or text


Location: Fulton, Missouri

Offer: Space for horses

Contact: Rebecca Robert @ 314-607-0096 or [email protected]


Location: Various

Offer: List of barns with space available

Contact: View Google Doc for updated information


Location: Unknown

Offer: Stock trailer to evacuate livestock

Contact: Cody James @ 903-519-4034 (by text)


Location: Cairo, Georgia & Tallahassee, Florida

Offer: Space for up to 6 horses; space for camper; assistance hauling 3 horses at a time; load of hay/feed/supplies leaving for Texas Saturday, Sept. 2

Contact: Philippe Muller @ 915-309-8024


Location: Chandler, Arizona

Offer: Space available for horses

Contact: Rebecca Morgan @ 602-469-2682


Location: Brigham City, Utah

Offer: Space for horses; ability to bring trailer to help transport

Contact: Jaycee Cedillo @ 435-237-4584 or [email protected]


Location: Caroline County, Virginia

Offer: Two-horse trailer available for help with relocation of horses, dogs, chickens and goats. Space available for animals, as well.

Contact: Helen @ 540-604-6261


Location: Spencer, Oklahoma

Offer: Housing for up to 40 head of livestock.

Contact: Tonni Canaday  @ 405-630-9477 or [email protected]