How to Hold Romal Reins with a Mecate (2 Rein)

Do you want to use the 2 rein in your riding program but aren’t sure how to manage the mecate and romals at the same time? Let me show you an easy way to hold both reins. Follow along with the guideline below as professional horse trainer and NRCHA/AQHA judge Bozo Rogers shows us one method to correctly hold the 2 rein.

A 2 Rein Outfit is made up of a small hackamore called a bosalita and a bridle. You hold the mecate (hackamore rein) and the romal reins (bridle reins) together in one hand and use them together. With the 2 rein set up your horse still feels and understands your hackamore cues while he’s learning to respond to the bridle. It’s important to work slowly and consistently to help him through the transition.

  1. Place the mecate under the romal reins and grasp it with both hands. Your riding hand should be knuckles up.
  2. Make a small loop in the mecate, wrapping the mecate toward yourself. Hold the loop in your riding hand.
  3. Open your fingers that are holding the mecate but keep your last finger around it. Run the romal reins through your open fingers on top of the mecate.
  4. Close your hand so the right rein is between your 1st and 2nd fingers and the left rein is between your 3rd and 4th fingers.

When you hold the reins this way it gives you a wider area of rein to work with. It’s easier for your horse to understand and learn to respond to the bit. When your horse needs a little extra help you can guide him in either direction with your fingers. Using the 2 Rein in your training program keeps your horse’s mouth light, gives him time to learn to carry the bit, and gives him confidence throughout the bitting process. A horse that is carefully trained through the snaffle, hackamore, 2 rein and bridle is a horse that can be maneuvered easily to handle just about anything you need him to do. He is a true pleasure to ride!

The bosalita should be about 3/8 inch in diameter. Your mecate should be approximately the same diameter or slightly smaller. This hackamore needs to be small in diameter to fit under the bridle. Requirements of the 2 rein bridle are a bit with a solid mouthpiece, a port and a cricket or roller and bit hobble. It also needs to have a leather curb with no metal parts touching the horse and romal reins.

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