Tying Up Is Safer With a Bowline Knot!

DMT LOGOIf you’ve ever had a horse pull back while it’s tied you know what a dangerous situation it can become if you can’t get the knot untied. A bowline will not tighten when it’s pulled. By using this knot you should always be able to get your lead rope untied. Watch this close-up video with Dennis Moreland Tack of the 4 easy steps to tie the bowline.

Use a sturdy post or other firmly set stationary structure to tie your horse to. Tie at shoulder level or above to prevent your horse from stepping over the lead rope (which may cause an injury) but don’t tie so high that your horse has to stand with its head unnaturally elevated. Tie your horse fairly short. A good rule of thumb is to leave about 18 inches of lead rope between your horse and the post or tie ring. Leaving it longer may allow your horse to step over the lead rope if he lowers his head and this can lead to a serious accident. It’s never safe to tie your horse low enough to graze.

Halter and Lead Safety Tips

As you’re tying the knot be certain you don’t put your fingers or hand through it. If your horse spooks and pulls back the rope will tighten around your fingers.

Follow along in the video to learn these 4 steps to tying the bowline.

  1. Starting from the left of the post or tie ring thread your rope around the post. Let the tail drop.
  2. Using the rope on the left side of the tie ring make a loop in the rope just in front of the post by circling the rope up over itself.
  3. Pick up the tail of the rope and thread it through the loop from the top. Next bring the tail portion of the rope over the rope in front of the loop and back up through the loop from underneath.
  4. Hang on to the halter end of the rope with one hand and pull the tail end tight with the other.

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