NCHA Investigates Alleged Horse Abuse at Texas Cutting

The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) on Saturday acknowledged receiving allegations of horse abuse at an approved cutting held last week near Whitesboro, Texas.

In a statement, the NCHA said it received a written complaint of abuse that allegedly happened on July 15.

 “The complaint is being fully investigated and will be acted upon under the processes and procedures provided by in the NCHA rules,” NCHA President Lewis Wray said in the statement.

The accused is not named, and the alleged conduct is not described. However, the SPCA of Texas told Quarter Horse News on Friday it is investigating an anonymous tip someone shot his or her own horse at an equine event also held July 15 near Whitesboro.

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Officials with the Dallas-based animal welfare agency did not release information about the type of gun, identify the discipline or say what injuries, if any, were suffered by the horse, citing the case’s status as an active investigation.

In its statement, the NCHA said it will be providing “materials it received concerning this incident” to the district attorney’s office in Grayson County, Texas. The materials were not described.

“The NCHA considers any kind of mistreatment of a horse to be a very serious matter and is committed to protect the welfare of horses through the enforcement of its rules and its zero tolerance policy,” Wray said in the statement.

A timeline for the investigation was not provided by the NCHA. The SPCA said its investigations vary in length, with some taking weeks or months.

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