InthePast MrBoomerjac

In the Past: Putting it All on the Line

InthePast MrBoomerjacMr Boomerjac and Dell Hendricks • Photo by Cheryl Magoteaux CodyThe National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC) celebrated its 20th anniversary during this year’s show, held April 16-23 in Katy, Texas. Looking back in time, the inaugural event was called the National Reining Breeders Cup, and it was held at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. A $210,439 purse was distributed to the winners of the 4- and 5-year-old event.

Dell Hendricks rode Mr Boomerjac (Boomernic x Boggies Last Jac x Hollywood Jac 86), bred by Bob Kaiser, of Dallas, Texas, to an electric 226 score to win the Open Championship. Colonels Smoking Gun (Gunner) and Clint Haverty tied Miss Tinsel Town and Tim McQuay for the Reserve title with a 225.5.

Hendricks will never forget that Open finals for more reasons than the fact he won the first NRBC championship. During his finals run, Hendricks felt his chaps shift on his body. When he looked down, he saw the front of them were wide open. He had no idea if the back concho had broken or what had happened, all he knew was as he continued the run, his chaps kept getting lower and lower!

Worried the chaps might slip low enough to trip his horse, Hendricks wasn’t sure what to do. He literally put everything on the line as he kept asking Mr Boomerjac to run faster and faster. As Hendricks sat on Mr Boomerjac and adjusted his chaps following their final stop, all the pressure and uncertainty he must have felt during those final seconds of the run changed to a jubilant celebration. When he heard his score called, Hendricks realized he had just won his first major reining championship.

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