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Feed and Supplements

CS 01252017

Hi all,

I want to spend sometime talking about my feed and supplement program. We have several companies we have worked with for many years that I am confident have played a crucial part in my horses’ good health and well-being. Working together with Purina feed and Omega Alpha supplements, I keep my horses looking and feeling the best they can.

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My personal feeding program starts with a good quality alfalfa that is a minimum of 18 percent protein. Every horse gets fresh, clean water, Purina Ultium feed, Super Sport and a good salt block. I personally like the Himalayan salt blocks. That is my basic feed program that all of my training horses get.

The next step is identifying the supplements that will best complement my feed. This varies among all of my horses. Each horse has individual needs, so I give them an individual program depending on where I feel like I can help them and support them the most. There are some supplements that we feed daily to our show horses, one of which is GLS Powder. It contains 10,000mg of D-Glucosamine and 5,000mg of MSM. This is a joint supplement I believe has helped my horses handle the wear and tear of training.

I am enclosing a picture of my supplement table – as you can see my assortment of supplement varies depending on the horse – and a picture of Phantom Face, who was a top 10 NRHA Futurity horse this year and gets GLS Powder. I encourage you to adopt my feed and supplement program for your horses, as it has been proven to work for mine. Feel free to email me with any questions you have about Purina feed and Omega Alpha supplements.


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Reining horse professional Craig Schmersal is the third-leading rider of all-time, with earnings of more than $3.2 million. Over the last decade, Craig has won almost all of the major reining events, often taking all three of his entries into the finals.

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