The Beautifully Simple Slot Ear Headstall


Would you like a headstall that’s extremely comfortable for your horse and simple to use? How about one that was designed by one of the best horseman that ever lived? Watch while NCHA Hall of Fame Rider and earner of over 1.4 million dollars Matt Budge of Budge Performance Horses tells us why he uses the Dennis Moreland Tack Doubled and Stitched Slot Ear Headstall on all his horses.

This headstall was designed by legendary trainer and many times NCHA & AQHA World Champion Matlock Rose.

Rose wanted a headstall that would never come close to having a buckle slide into or bump the edge of a horse’s eye. With that in mind he designed this headstall with a short cheek piece. With this design the buckle is placed lower on the cheek than it is on an average headstall. This makes certain the buckle is away from the eye regardless of the horse’s head size. This is especially critical in our hard stopping and quick turning performance horses. The g-force of these big maneuvers pulls a headstall forward as the horse stops.

Do You Know Your Headstalls?

Another nice feature on this headstall is the slot ear. It is sized just right to fit both small and large horses. This is such an easy headstall to slip on a horse, it’s perfect whether you ride one horse or make your living riding horses.

This headstall is made of 5/8 inch race track harness leather lined with oil-tanned lining leather. Race track harness is very dense, fine grained leather which makes it strong but flexible. This is the best leather I can buy and the quality speaks volumes. The lining leather is slightly softer and feels good against your horse’s face. It also resists sweat.

When Matlock gave me this pattern in 1977 he said “you need this, it fits, and I ride it on every horse I ride.” I still make the same great selling headstall today, 40 years later; it’s the Doubled and Stitched Slot Ear Headstall #HS31. Check it out here: If you have any questions give me a call at 817-312-5305.

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