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Legendary Career, Sire of Champions

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“Some legends are told. Some are wood or stone. Third Cutting is a legend of flesh and blood who’s story is still being told.”

–Shane D. Plummer

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Third Cutting is one of the greatest individuals to ever enter a cutting pen. He is the ONLY horse in history to win four National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Triple Crown events! He is an eight-time CHAMPION and a four-time RESERVE CHAMPION.

Outside of being a truly extraordinary athlete, Third Cutting is now a $1 million-plus sire of champions! From limited foal crops, he has average earnings per performer of nearly $14,000. In the 2016 NCHA Futurity, he had one of the highest percentages of finalists-from-entry ratios of 19 percent! He is the sire of a 2016 NCHA Mercuria Non-Pro Champion, the 2015 NCHA Futurity Limited Open Champion and an Open finalist finishing third overall, and the 2014 NCHA Futurity Non-Pro Champion.


This Is A Third – LTE $126,712+

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Hay U – LTE $108,352+

Great Expectations

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Shes A Smoking Dually

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“He’s extremely cow smart. He knew just how long you can wait and still beat them. You don’t teach them to do that. They just do it. You can teach them to stop and turn and all that but all that other stuff that he does it’s just natural for him to do it. He was born with it!”

–Boyd Rice, proven all-around horseman and cowboy

The Alley family has big plans for Third Cutting. There are exciting times ahead! If you want to breed to Third Cutting, you can take advantage of the “Pay as the Baby Grows” Payment Plan!

Money Down – $650 Chute Fee

Monthly Payments:
1 – $300
2 – $300
3 – $300
4 – $300
5 – $300
6 – $300
7 – $300
8 – $300
9 – $300
10 – $300

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