2016 NRCHA Select 2-Year-Old Sale

Held Sept. 30, 2016
41 horses consigned,
$936,050 gross for a $22,830 average
31 sold (76%), $642,000 net, $20,710 average and $15,000 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

201, Smart Teena Lena, $16,000
(3/1/2014 brown m) (Very Smart Remedy x Teena Cash Flo x Nu Cash); Luke Jones, Agent for Flag Ranch LLC; James Greer/Rolling Jr Land & Livestock.

202, The Smokin Fox, $15,500
(5/1/2014 bay s) (Heart Of A Fox x Miss Tibar Pep x Mister Dual Pep); Jon Roeser; Chase Trahern.

203, CD Autumn Cat, $9,250
(5/26/2014 sorrel g) (Autumn Acre x Sadie The Cat x High Brow Cat); Cannon Quarter Horses; Kathleen McPhaul.

204, Shes A Shiney Star, $15,000
(4/30/2014 bay m) (Hes Wright On x Shiney Senorita x Shining Spark); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Don Maston.

205, Sugar Little Flo, $16,500
(3/22/2014 red roan m) (Two Timin Shiner x Sugar Little Chic x Wimpys Little Step); Piras Cows & Horses USA; Kathleen McPhaul.

206, Playin With Metallic, $24,500
(2/5/2014 palomino m) (Metallic Cat x Play Shorty Play x Shorty Lena); Zeph Schultz, Agent for Mark/Nanette Channer; Wayne Hanson.

207, He Knows My Name, $16,500
(5/1/2014 black s) (Tomcat Chex x A Glows Little Rio x Powder River Playboy); Rick/Jalinda Covey; Debby Sanguinetti.

208, Rockin Boon San, $15,000 (RNA)
(3/27/2014 sorrel s) (Rockin W x Boon San Spoon x Hes A Peptospoonful); Tom/Carmen Buckingham.

209, Metallics Valentine, $23,000 (RNA)
(2/14/2014 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Somebodys Lil Babe x Somebody Smart); Sliding J Ranch/Jenny Sherbo.

210, Prowlin At Midnight, $12,750
(5/22/2014 sorrel m) (Reys Dual Badger x Prowlin By Starlight x High Brow Cat); Wade Meador, Agent for Flag Ranch LLC; Joyce Willis/BGT Willis Inc..

211, Shezacrackinnsparkin, $10,500
(6/12/2014 sorrel m) (Nabisco Roan x Sheza Shinette x Shining Spark); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC; Kyle Trahern.

212, KR Metallic Annie, $35,000
(4/2/2014 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Fancy Zack x Zack T Wood); Kathryn Phillips; RD Ranch.

213, Cowsmackin, $16,000
(3/24/2014 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Esthers Rita x Dual Pep); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Lissa Stewart.

214, Irunshinebymoonight, $8,500
(4/23/2014 sorrel g) (CD Lights x Shiney Sulena x Shining Spark); Routh Family Trust; Russ Davis.

215, Bet He Sparks, $70,000
(5/4/2014 red roan s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Sparking Train x Shining Spark); Louis Schuette; Kathryn Phillips.

216, Stylin Havalena, $16,500
(1/21/2014 sorrel g) (Stylin Cat x I Have To Play x Freckles Playboy); Cayley Wilson, Agent for Meadowfed Farm; Joyce Willis/BGT Willis Inc..

217, Wild Catt Bill, $7,500
(3/19/2014 bay g) (Catty Hawk x ARC Cee Me Please x Chic Please); Todd/Pam Crawford; Russell Probert.

218, Miss Playnstylish, $30,000
(5/6/2014 sorrel m) (Mr Playinstylish x Roseanna Dual x Dual Pep); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; David Mize.

219, Name Pending, $10,000
(4/10/2014 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Miss Smart Remedy x Mister Dual Pep); Jon Roeser; Justin Jenkins.

220, Jose Jalapeno, $75,000 (RNA)
(6/3/2014 chestnut s) (Dual R Smokin x Joses Dually x Dual Pep); Justin/Kelcie Lawrence.

221, Crackers On My Lips, $9,750
(4/29/2014 sorrel m) (Nabisco Roan x Kiss My Shiny Lips x Shining Spark); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC; Dylan Sponseller/D Cattle.

222, A Quick Remedy, $8,250
(4/29/2014 sorrel g) (Very Smart Remedy x A Quick Prize x Smokums Prize); Painted 4P Ranch; Julie Bowden.

223, Halo Ruby Tuesday, $15,000 (RNA)
(3/25/2014 sorrel s) (Halreycious x Ruby Tuesdays Cat x High Brow Cat); Chelsea Barney.

224, Blu Hoo, $16,500
(4/29/2014 blue roan m) (Once In A Blu Boon x Sable Gal x Peppys Boy 895); Luke Jones, Agent for Kenneth Schueller; Christine McCoy/JC Heart.

225, My One Time Kiss, $42,000 (RNA)
(4/1/2014 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Kiss My Shiny Lips x Shining Spark); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC.

226, Bodees Star, $12,000
(3/17/2014 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x MH Bodees Starlena x Bodee Boonsmal); Kathryn Phillips; Wayne Hanson.

227, Cash Shiny Checks, $6,500
(1/1/2014 sorrel m) (Nu Circle N Cash x Shiners Little Rita x Shining Spark); Wade Meador, Agent for Martha Jo Soule; Deanna Clark/Galaxy Ranch.

228, Ichis Starry Night, $15,000
(4/8/2014 sorrel g) (Cat Ichi x Starlights Love x Grays Starlight); Will Roden; Dom Conicelli/Kinda Silly Farm.

229, Olivias Pepinic, $4,500
(5/13/2014 bay s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Olivias Response x Dual Peppy); John Ward; Ralph Fagundes.

230, Plain Catty, $56,000 (RNA)
(4/2/2014 bay roan s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Miss Plain Plain x Just Plain Colonel); Cantrelle Ranch LLC.

231, Playz With Money, $7,000
(2/16/2014 sorrel m) (Play Dual Rey x Easy Whiz My Money x Easy Otie Whiz); Todd Crawford, Agent for Kathy Hinton; Rachel Baker.

232, Nu Kidon The Block, $45,000
(4/17/2014 sorrel s) (Dual Smart Rey x Special Nu Kitty x High Brow Cat); Will Roden, Agent for Mike McPhail; Kelby Phillips, agent for Dean Tuftin.

233, Just Smart RG, $26,000
(5/5/2014 sorrel s) (Just Playin Smart x Smart Kitty RG x High Brow Cat); Brendon Clark; Diane Clare.

234, Arent You Cute, $8,750 (RNA)
(5/23/2014 palomino s) (Gotta Go Get It x Mister Im Cute x Mister Dual Pep); John Ward. (* not on sale results as of 10/3).

235, Quejanaisacat, $115,000
(5/10/2014 bay s) (Cats Merada x AR Powderfulena x Quejanaisalena); Charles Mills; Kay Rankin Williams.

236, Im Countin Pearls, $13,000
(5/2/2014 chestnut m) (Im Countin Checks x Pearlescent Cat x Cats Merada); Jon Roeser, Agent for Sprig Haven Farms; Rick Sabanoviel.

237, Grays Metallic Lena, $29,500 (RNA)
(4/22/2014 red roan s) (Metallic Cat x Princess Shorty x Shorty Lena); Sorensons Cowhorses, Agent for Mark Oldham.

238, Smooth Dove, $23,000
(1/23/2014 black s) (Smooth As A Cat x Savanahs Blue Dove x Blue Duck Okie); Tom/Carmen Buckingham; Mary Capone.

239, Nabisco Roon, $10,500
(5/4/2014 bay m) (Nabisco Roan x Sheza Roo x Gallo Del Cielo); Holy Cow Performance Horses LLC; Jeremy Michaelis.

240, Playboy Pepinic, $5,800 (RNA)
(2/8/2014 sorrel s) (Smart Little Pepinic x Freckelita x Freckles Playboy); John Ward.

243, Cheap Sunglazzez, $24,000 (RNA)
(5/4/2014 chestnut s) (Metallic Cat x Never Reylinquish x Dual Rey); Sorensons Cowhorses, Agent for Kirk/Marie Miller.