2016 NCHA Futurity Cutting Horse Sale

Held Dec. 10, 2016
86 horses consigned
$2,729,500 gross for a $31,738 average
60 sold (70%), $1,672,000 net, $27,867 average and $19,250 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

6001, Smooth Noodge, $36,000
(5/9/2012 sorrel g) (Spots Hot x Smooth As A Twist x Smooth As A Cat); James/Gail Hooper; Gabe Reynolds.

6002, Pepto Salsa, $24,500
(3/12/2006 red roan g) (Peptoboonsmal x Saucy Lil Playgirl x Freckles Playboy); Cowan Ranch LLC; Danielle Holzer.

6004, Curious Betty, $18,000
(4/11/2012 red roan m) (Docs Curious Cat x Bet On Faye x Bet On Me 498); Gabriel Densley; Richard Dale.

6006, Kitty Can Dual, $70,000
(4/25/2011 chestnut m) (Dual Rey x Cancan Kitty x High Brow Cat); Flying A Ranch; SDP Buffalo Ranch.

6007, Haybaler, $19,500
(3/22/2012 sorrel m) (Third Cutting x Chulas Merada x Chula Dual); Jackpot Ranch; Patrick Bendele.

6008, Shesmisscongeniality, $21,000
(4/3/2012 bay m) (Rockin W x Scoot A Lil Closer x Smart Lil Scoot); Kathleen Moore; Greg Mullis.

6009, Im Reydioactive, $38,000
(2/16/2010 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Kaboomsmall x Peptoboonsmal); Wesley Galyean; Phil/Mary Ann Rapp.

6010, Jewel Bars Cat, $60,000 (RNA)
(4/12/2008 sorrel g) (High Brow Cat x Sprats Dualin Jewel x Lenas Jewel Bars); Circle R.

6011, Joes Last Cat, $30,000 (RNA)
(4/20/2009 sorrel g) (High Brow Cat x Royally Smart Fancy x Smart Little Lena); Jerry/Kathy Erwin.

6013, Moms Stilish Cat, $73,000 (RNA)
(3/10/2007 sorrel s) (High Brow Cat x Moms Stylish Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Loren Macey.

6014, Dual Lynx 012, $14,000
(2/23/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Smart Little Leona x Smart Little Lena); Corky/Brenda Weeks; Dick Levy.

6015, Compact Style, $25,000 (RNA)
(5/14/2009 sorrel g) (CD Lights x Moms Stylish Pepto x Peptoboonsmal); Billy/Jodie Kidd.

6016, Smoothest Cat On Ice, $5,000
(5/9/2013 chestnut g) (Smoother Than A Cat x Ms Lenas Diamond Pep x Snorty Lena); Antler Ranch; Cooper Smith.

6017, Peppers Pepto Rio, $11,000
(3/17/2008 sorrel m) (Pepto Rio Playboy x Stylish Pepper x Docs Stylish Oak); Brewer Ranch; Bobby Atwood.

6018, Rockin Stylish Girl, $10,500 (RNA)
(5/2/2013 bay m) (Rockin W x Stylish Good Girl x Docs Stylish Oak); Diamond 6 Ranch/AK Feeders.

6019, Ms Kitty Ballou, $14,000
(5/27/2005 bay m) (That Sly Cat x Lucia Del Cielo x Gallo Del Cielo); Double R Ranch Cutting Horses LLC; Andrew Hop.

6020, Mercedes Smoothe, $100,000
(4/13/2009 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x CDs Masterpiece x CD Olena); Reata Cutting Horses; Center Ranch.

6021, Lahaina Cat, $37,000
(4/30/2012 sorrel g) (Metallic Cat x Lahaina Lena x Dual Rey); Waco Bend Ranch Ltd; Eric Polansky.

6022, Bling My Ride, $18,000
(1/20/2013 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Scooby Dooby Dual x Dual Pep); Danielle Irlbeck; Sergio Elia.

6024, Jay Jay Wilson, $24,000 (RNA)
(4/10/2010 sorrel g) (Wilsons Lil Freckles x Sheza High Chick x High Brow Hickory); Dana/Wilma Larsen.

6025, Meleena Del Rey, $14,500
(2/20/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Smart Rey x Meleena Olena x Smart Chic Olena); Ken Hansen; Robert Walsh.

6026, Tallica, $30,000
(4/11/2011 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Playin T Etta x TR Dual Rey); Kathleen Moore; SDP Buffalo Ranch.

6027, Halreycious Again, $12,000 (RNA)
(4/1/2013 sorrel m) (Halreycious x Purrin Again x TR Dual Rey); Marvin Marmande, Jr..

6028, CD Lil Pepto, $19,000
(4/10/2007 red roan g) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Quejanaolena x CD Olena); Dave/Stephanie Sheen; Jeffery Walker.

6029, Boon Smart Rey, $19,000 (RNA)
(7/5/1905 bay m) (Dual Smart Rey x Royal Blue Boon Two x Boon Bar); Neidhart Cutting Horses Inc.

6031, Flashin Smart, $85,000 (RNA)
(4/29/2011 sorrel g) (Purdy Boy Flash x That Smarts x Smart Little Lena); Circle R.

6033, Wood Trim, $15,500
(3/22/2009 sorrel g) (Zack T Wood x Babes Stylish Trick x Smart Little Lena); Barbara Himsel; Jared Lesh.

6034, All About Cher, $11,500
(3/19/2012 chestnut m) (Third Cutting x Shesa Smarty Lena x Smart Little Lena); Wade Smith; Susie Reed.

6035, Tick Tock Shorty, $50,000
(3/30/2011 red roan g) (One Time Pepto x KD Shorty x Kit Dual); Carmel Cutting Horses Inc.; Todd Bro.

6036, GAR Captain Jack, $18,500
(5/12/2010 bay g) (Cats Quixote Jack x PG Selena x Playgun); Jann Parker; Jared Lesh.

6037, I Got My Smooth On, $15,500
(4/8/2011 sorrel g) (Smooth As A Cat x Bambi Freckles x Freckles Playboy); Cowan Ranch LLC; Debra Flashman.

6038, Minks Lil Pepto, $17,000
(4/11/2005 red roan g) (Sweet Lil Pepto x Bob Acres Mink x Bob Acre Doc); Dave/Stephanie Sheen; Jerry Rankin.

6039, SJR Sumkinda Reydar, $14,000
(2/10/2013 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Sumkinda Pinkcadilac x Peptoboonsmal); San Juan Ranch; Sergio Elia.

6040, Seymore Smooth, $22,500
(1/30/2012 chestnut g) (Smooth As A Cat x Fancy Frostina x Smart Little Lena); James/Gail Hooper; Sergio Elia.

6041, Stylin Sweetie, $80,000
(3/18/2010 sorrel m) (Stylin Cat x Salute This x Smart Little Lena); John McClaren; Daniel Burkes.

6042, Sandman Rey, $23,000
(2/3/2011 sorrel g) (Metallic Cat x Wanda Rey x Dual Rey); Ken Hansen; Penny Bailey.

6044, Smooth Lil CD 012, $20,000
(2/3/2012 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x Sweet Little CD x CD Olena); Jackpot Ranch; Andrew Hop.

6045, Elseware, $26,000 (RNA)
(1/28/2010 bay m) (High Brow CD x Readytoware x Peptoboonsmal); Eric/Katherine VanBoekel.

6046, Doc Holirey, $36,000
(5/12/2012 chestnut g) (Dual Rey x Hissy Cat x High Brow Cat); SMF Cutting Horses LLC; Barry Tutor.

6047, Captain Woodrow, $95,000 (RNA)
(4/1/2011 bay s) (Dual Rey x Miss Echo Wood x Doctor Wood); Circle R.

6048, Gucci Roo, $12,500
(3/15/2013 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Buckaroo Boon x Peptoboonsmal); Grant Setnicka, agent; Royce Stafford.

6049, Smooth As A Dualy, $18,000
(4/23/2012 sorrel g) (Smooth As A Cat x Dually Sunette x Dual Pep); James/Gail Hooper; Jared Lesh.

6050, Peppy The Poo, $17,000
(4/28/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Pep x Hicapoo x Doc’s Hickory); James Vangilder; Dennis Ball.

6051, Shanghai Mccoy, $40,000
(4/1/2013 bay g) (Smooth As A Cat x LB Ms Cowtown Twist x Doc O Lena Twist); Mike/Debbie Schraeder; Ralph Rogers.

6052, Cool Cat Dual Rey, $75,000 (RNA)
(4/20/2010 sorrel s) (Dual Rey x Donas Cool Cat x High Brow Cat); Davis Quarter Horses.

6053, Dont Look Now, $25,000
(5/29/2010 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Dont Look Twice x High Brow Cat); Waco Bend Ranch Ltd; Phil/Mary Ann Rapp.

6054, Pareydise, $18,000
(6/17/2013 chestnut m) (Dual Rey x Shes Pretty Smooth x Wheeling Peppy); Grant Setnicka, agent; Mark Senn.

6055, JP Smooth Dancer, $57,000 (RNA)
(4/20/2012 sorrel m) (Smooth As A Cat x SDP Tapt Dancing x TR Dual Rey); J Bar P Ranch LLC.

6056, Reyonce, $22,000
(3/16/2011 brown m) (Dual Rey x Awesome Autumn x Smart Little Lena); Furst Ranch; Bobby/Dottie Hill.

6057, One Stylish Doll, $38,000 (RNA)
(2/15/2011 sorrel m) (One Time Pepto x Stylish Baby Doll x SR Instant Choice); Embryo by Metallic Cat; Bronco Billys LLC.

6058, Sues Hot Spot, $20,000
(5/17/2010 sorrel m) (Spots Hot x Cats Tari Sue x High Brow Cat); Mark Senn; Bill Kirkwood.

6059, Magic Metallic, $140,000
(4/3/2010 bay m) (Metallic Cat x Sweet Abra x Abrakadabracre); Fults Ranch Ltd; Waco Bend Ranch Ltd.

6060, Sweet Mystic Metal, $16,000
(4/3/2011 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Sweet Abra x Abrakadabracre); Jimmy Farris; Oswaldo Celis.

6061, Reyzilyant, $20,000
(2/8/2008 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x WR Smart Lookin Dot x High Brow Hickory); Cowan Ranch LLC; Royce Stafford.

6062, Moka Boon, $18,000
(5/1/2012 bay m) (Peptoboonsmal x Mo Flo x Mr Peponita Flo); Kit/Charlie Moncrief; Kenneth Schueller.

6063, Kopykat, $60,000 (RNA)
(3/4/2013 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Playgiarism x Freckles Playboy); Mariposa Farms LLC.

6064, Linkinparkafterdark, $27,000
(2/24/2011 black m) (Third Cutting x Travs Scooter x Smart Lil Scoot); Mike Wood; Pedro Viana.

6065, SDP Locked N Loaded, $70,000 (RNA)
(3/21/2007 red roan g) (Laredo Blue x Cat Tuesday x High Brow Cat); Circle R.

6066, Cashin Our Chex, $16,500
(3/30/2013 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Bueno Chex Dually x Dual Pep); Hill Ranches; Andrew Jackson.

6067, Rival A Traction, $19,000
(3/14/2012 sorrel g) (Third Cutting x Dont Look Twice x High Brow Cat); Waco Bend Ranch Ltd; Denise Cox.

6068, Dollys Last Memory, $11,500 (RNA)
(4/24/2013 sorrel m) (WR This Cats Smart x Tykes Peppy Doll x Peppy San Badger); Nicholas Kerkhof.

6069, A Dually Quick Cat, $19,000 (RNA)
(2/21/2011 sorrel m) (Dual Rey x Quick Boon Cat x High Brow Cat); Circle R.

6071, Madre Amore, $28,000 (RNA)
(5/12/2012 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x SDP Tapt Dancing x TR Dual Rey); J Bar P Ranch LLC.

6074, Chrome Catillac, $78,000
(2/6/2012 red roan g) (Metallic Cat x Tootsie Rey x Dual Rey); Ellen Carter; Ellen Ganey.

6075, One Chromed Cat, $19,000
(1/26/2011 sorrel g) (One Smartcat x Smart Jerri Lee x Smart Little Jerry); Evan Sutton; Charlie Ashcraft.

6076, One Time A Cat, $27,500
(3/25/2011 red roan m) (One Time Pepto x A Cat Above x High Brow Cat); Jamie Hill; Jeffrey Spiers.

6077, Arristocrat Nappin, $30,500 (RNA)
(3/16/2009 gray s) (Smart Aristocrat x Cat Nappin x High Brow Cat); CJ Performance Horses LLC.

6079, Stars Freckled Girl, $17,500
(3/19/2011 sorrel m) (Metallic Cat x Badge To The Bone x Freckles Playboy); Von/Andrea Sutten; Cooper Smith.

6080, Renegade Rey, $27,500
(1/19/2011 chestnut g) (Dual Rey x Bearly Nuf Taz x Pepto Taz); San Juan Ranch; Mark Larson.

6081, Johnny Test, $43,000 (RNA)
(2/4/2008 red roan g) (One Time Pepto x A Cat Above x High Brow Cat); Keith Mesker.

6082, Athena Purdy Cat, $17,500
(4/1/2011 sorrel m) (Athena Puddy Cat x Betsy Lena Star x Lenas Star); Toddy Pitard; Amy DeLange.

6083, Sugar Hy, $21,000 (RNA)
(4/9/2009 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x Billies Smart Lena x Smart Little Lena); Jimmy Farris.

6084, Peeka Frost, $14,000
(4/8/2012 red roan m) (Peeka Pep x PCR Peppys Uno x PCR Peppys Oak); Bettye Lynn; Andrew Jackson.

6085, Driving Miss Peepers, $17,000
(5/27/2012 sorrel m) (Hydrive Cat x Little Bow Peepto x Peptoboonsmal); TSR Quarter Horses Inc.; Kevin Reese.

6086, Cow Scents, $20,000
(3/1/2010 bay g) (High Brow CD x Chiquita Shorty x Shorty Lena); Ten/27 Ranch; Vickie Hart.

6088, CD Kual Gun, $24,000 (RNA)
(5/21/2010 sorrel g) (High Brow CD x Kual Gun x Playgun); Jeanine Benanati.

6089, Rumorhazzitt, $26,500
(4/24/2011 chestnut g) (One Time Pepto x Jerries Dual Legacy x Smart Little Jerry); Milton/Bridey Greeson; Andrew Hop.

6090, Desires Star Cat, $40,000
(2/13/2012 sorrel m) (High Brow Cat x Desire Some Freckles x Freckles Playboy); Janice Eaton; Glenn/Debbie Drake.

6091, Miss Metallic Kitty, $18,000
(3/17/2012 red roan m) (Metallic Cat x Genuine Merada x Master Merada); Taylor Tune/Beau Galyean; Kenton Arnold.

6093, High Brow Sheree, $40,000
(1/30/2010 sorrel m) (High Brow CD x Nurse Sheree x Peptoboonsmal); Rodger/Stephanie Clark; Mike/Kell Warner.

6094, Miss Fourwheeldrive, $11,000
(3/3/2011 bay m) (Hydrive Cat x Fields Of Diamonds x Christys Acre); Richard/Sue Olivera/Amy Heiney; Clayton Wilkes.

6095, Zeus, $52,000 (RNA)
(3/24/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Rey x Highbrow Supercat x High Brow Cat); Wesley Galyean.

6097, That Check Bounced, $40,000
(3/27/2010 sorrel m) (Im Countin Checks x Jae Bars Fancy Cat x High Brow Cat); Circle Y Ranch; Mark Stucks.

6098, Shes A Smokin Dually, $42,000 (RNA)
(5/3/2010 chestnut m) (Third Cutting x Smokin Dually x Dual Pep); Grace Vangilder.

6099, ARC One More Time, $27,000 (RNA)
(1/13/2011 red roan g) (One Time Pepto x Katie Belle Babe x Zack T Wood); Ken Sitton.

6100, Dual Smart Dee Jay, $16,500
(2/18/2012 sorrel g) (Dual Smart Rey x Meradas Dee Jay x Freckles Merada); Gayle Karanges; Bobby Atwood.