Do You Know How to Make a Tiedown Hobble?


Tiedown straps are used to connect nosebands, headsetters, and various other pieces of equipment to the cinch. If a tiedown is used without a tiedown hobble your horse can accidentally step on or across the tiedown if he lowers his head. We’ve all had that unexpected experience of a horse lowering his head at lightning speed to grab at a green patch of grass! When this happens and your horse steps on or across the tiedown it can’t raise its head. Since he can’t lift his head he may panic and rear and this can cause a wreck.

Making a tiedown hobble at home is simple, quick and adds safety to your horse program! Follow along on the video to make and attach your own tiedown hobble. You will need a 3/8 inch leather strap approximately 20 inches long, a collar awl or piece of bailing wire and a leather nipper or sharp knife. A piece of nylon can be substituted for the leather strap.

Start by taking your breastcollar off. Lay it out flat on a table. Fold the end of your bailing wire to form a loop and twist it so it will hold. Lace the collar awl or wire through the fold in the leather of your breastcollar’s hold down strap, just below the center dee. Put the end of your leather strap through the hole in the awl or loop in the wire. Pull the awl or wire back through. Now your leather strap is in place in the fold of the hold down strap. Make sure your hobble strap even. About half way up the visible length of one tail of the strap make a slit just slightly longer than the width of the strap. Pull the opposite tail through the slit. Now make a slit in the tail you’ve just pulled through. Lace the opposite tail through that slit. Pull the knot so it’s tight. Your hobble is complete and ready to use. Lace the tiedown through it before buckling it to your cinch.

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