2016 NRCHA Classic Yearling & Broodmare Sale

Held Sept. 30, 2016,
51 horses consigned,
$369,300 gross for a $7,241 average
44 sold (86%), $339,000 net, $7,705 average and $5,875 median.

Legend: (RNA) = Reserve not attained, horse did not sell.  Horse, selling price, year born, color, gender, pedigree, broodmare information, seller, buyer

101, Stylish Revolution, $5,000 (RNA)
(4/4/2015 sorrel s) (Einsteins Revolution x Cute N Stylish x Playin Stylish); Andrea Adams; Andrea Adams.

102, Berry Shiney Tomcat, $7,000
(5/6/2015 red roan m) (Tomcat Chex x Budhas Wally Wanda x Pabst Budha Ribbon); Rick/Jalinda Covey; Nancy Roberts.

103, Gotta Shotgun Rider, $2,750
(2/15/2015 brown/solid m) (Gotta Go Get It x RR Show Buseness x RR Smoky); Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for 4D Ranch; Haley Rutherford/River Ranch.

104, Smart Mr Christy, $3,000
(2/20/2015 sorrel g) (Mr Playinstylish x Smart Little Christy x Christys Acre); Bob Riding; Wayne Hanson.

105, Shiney Lil Buckaroo, $20,000
(5/3/2015 buckskin s) (Gallo Del Cielo x Smart Little Spark x Shining Spark); Blaine/Denise Collett; Emilio Llamosoa.

106, Dont Hate The Playa, $8,750
(3/30/2015 sorrel g) (Very Smart Remedy x Play Ladie Play x Playgun); Rick Ford, Agent for Doug Carpenter; Mike/Morgan Miller.

107, CD On Fleek, $5,250
(5/4/2015 sorrel s) (That CD Rocks x Ginger Spats x Colonel Spats); Hanson’s River Ranch; Haley Rutherford/River Ranch.

107A, Blue Nitro Time, $6,250
(3/10/2015 red roan g) (Blue One Time x Pink Nitro Glycerine x Nitro Dual Doc); Loren Macey/James Baker; Dallas Camp.

108, Pinks N Style, $4,500
(3/8/2015 red roan m) (Blue One Time x Miss Beefmaster x Cats Red Feather); Margaret Coppini; Tamera Harter.

109, Cosmo Girl, $5,000 (RNA)
(1/28/2015 dun m) (Cosmo Flo x Miss Poco Star Lita x Doc O’Lena); Cow Camp Quarter Horses; Mark Hafkenschiel/Cow Camp Quarter Horses.

110, Black Echo Cat, $4,000
(3/7/2015 black s) (Black Catamounts Rey x Echo Nthe Boonlight x Boonlight Dancer); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Scott Warner/Warner Ranch.

111, Summertime Taffy, $12,000
(1/1/2003 bay m) (Mister Dual Pep x Sweet Water Taffy x Reminic); Bred to Gotta Go Get It;  Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for 4D Ranch; Wayne Hanson/Hanson Quarter Horses.

112, My Tomcat Glows, $5,000 (RNA)
(4/24/2015 bay m) (Tomcat Chex x A Glows Little Rio x Powder River Playboy); Rick/Jalinda Covey.

113, Pretty Ms Starlight, $5,750
(1/1/1996 sorrel m) (Grays Starlight x Docs Pretty x Doc’s Mahogany); Bred to Metallic Al;  ML Training Stables LLC; Mike Catalano.

114, Smooth Autumn Brew, $5,200
(2/28/2015 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Little Autumn DNA x Smart Little Lena); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; Jerry Jones/Diamond 3.

115, Showmechexx, $7,000 (RNA)
(4/18/2015 brown s) (Tomcat Chex x Show And Telesis x Lenas Telesis); Rick/Jalinda Covey.

116, Just Call Me Earl, $5,750
(3/26/2015 red roan s) (Once In A Blu Boon x CP Peekn Sneakn Blue x Peeka Pep); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Dann/Hope Miller/HM Horses.

117, Miss Merica, $2,500
(2/18/2015 sorrel m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Misters Bobbie x Mister Dual Pep); Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for Kyle/Lisa Fahoum; Rolly Lisle.

118, Cracker Jazz, $4,250
(4/21/2015 sorrel g) (Nabisco Roan x Cattys Dual Jazz x Dual Jazz); Loren Macey; Scott/Gail Manoukain.

119, Metallic Bay, $7,750
(2/19/2015 bay roan m) (Metallic Cat x Lena O Light x Tamalight); Margaret Coppini; Alan Chappell.

120, Time For A Good Bet, $6,000
(5/31/2015 red roan s) (Bet Hesa Cat x Cinco De Maya Time x There Comes A Time); Mike/Kendra Hansen; Steve Rothers.

121, Smart Bueno Lena, $6,750
(1/1/2000 dun m) (ARC Matt O Lena x Trudie Tivio x Floyd Trivio); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  ML Training Stables LLC; Amy Wright.

122, Jericho CDs R Stylin, $2,300 (RNA)
(5/19/2015 dun s) (Oaks Jericho x Chance Magic x Reminics Pep); Gary/Danielle Miller Cole.

123, Gotta CD Bright Side, $2,300
(5/1/2015 bay s) (Gotta Go Get It x Emeralds CD x CD Olena); Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for Kyle/Lisa Fahoum; Donna Russo/Woodmyst Farms.

124, Shezasmartlooknpepto, $35,000
(1/1/2009 sorrel m) (Peptoboonsmal x The Smart Look x Smart Little Lena); Bred to Sells open;  Neidhart Cutting Horses; Kevin Cantrelle.

125, Codysshiningplaygirl, $3,200 (RNA)
(4/24/2015 sorrel m) (Codys Shining Spark x Dox Irish Freckle x Freckles Playboy); Holzum Quarter Horses.

126, Onceinabluemoon, $5,250
(5/5/2015 blue roan m) (Once In A Blu Boon x NQH Blue Moon x Hes A Peptospoonful); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Alan Chappell.

127, High Brow Gal, $37,000
(1/1/2006 bay m) (High Brow Cat x Dual Citizen x Dual Pep); Bred to Smart Boons;  Bitterroot Springs Ranch/Judy Siebel; Jason Patrick/Whispering Willows Ranch.

128, Blazes Blue Moon, $2,700
(1/1/2015 chestnut g) (Cats Full Moon x Blazes Blue Scamp x Blue Boy Colonel); Samuel Brunson; Chet/Angela Vogt.

129, Look What Shes Got, $6,500
(1/14/2015 buckskin m) (Gotta Go Get It x Cats Coralena x High Brow Cat); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses; Jess Reid.

130, WR Sez Sumthin Smart, $10,500
(1/1/2009 palomino m) (WR This Cats Smart x Say Sumthin Smart x Smart Shiner); Bred to Hickory Holly Time;  ML Training Stables LLC; Jason Patrick/Whispering Willows Ranch.

131, Syrey Cat, $13,000
(6/12/2015 sorrel s) (Smooth As A Cat x Ask Syrey x Dual Rey); Flag Ranch LLC; Jeff Fenske.

132, Got Black Jack, $4,750
(5/3/2015 black s) (Gotta Go Get It x Red Tule Freckles x San Tule Freckles); Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for Kyle/Lisa Fahoum; Barney Shelton/Rock Front Ranch.

133, Black Master Cat, $7,400
(3/24/2015 black s) (Black Catamounts Rey x Masterfully Colored x Master Remedy); Northern Cross Land & Cattle Co.; Haley Rutherford/River Ranch.

134, Suresheshotwired, $6,500
(4/1/2015 red roan m) (Little Dulces Rey x SVR Sure Shesa Cat x High Brow Cat); Cinder Lakes Ranch, Agent; Jeremy Michaelis.

135, Bet Sheza Hottie, $20,000
(4/4/2015 chestnut m) (Bet Hesa Cat x Sizzlin In Southbeach x Tangys Classy Peppy); Coyote Creek Cutting Horses; Paul Rice.

136, Redneck Molly Oak, $2,700
(5/26/2015 bay m) (Redneck Pepto x Dual Oak x Dual Rey); Robinson Ranch LLC; Ralph Fagundes.

137, Just Plan Grace, $2,800 (RNA)
(4/10/2015 bay m) (Gotta Go Get It x Smart Little Pici x Smart Little Pepinic); Hanson’s River Ranch Agent for 4D Ranch.

138, Miss Colonels Cat, $2,500
(3/24/2015 palomino m) (Cats Full Colonel x Miss Colonel Cuflynx x Mister Colonel Bar); Samuel Brunson; Bailey Bachman/Lazy S Ranch.

139, Halle Lou Ya, $2,400
(6/7/2015 sorrel m) (Colonels Stylish Chex x Miss Macy Remedy x Mister Dual Pep); Jon Roeser; Michelle Meyers.

140, Watch Me Wimp, $4,500
(5/7/2015 brown m) (Wimpyneedsacocktail x Look CD Taz x Pepto Taz); Andrea Adams; Steve Rothers.

141, Echos Prowlin, $7,300
(2/22/2015 bay s) (Dual Smart Rey x Wood She Be A Kitty x High Brow Cat); Cinder Lakes Ranch; Jim Bowen.

142, Shiney Lil Remedy, $7,200
(3/18/2015 sorrel m) (Very Smart Remedy x Shiney Lil Hickory x Shining Spark); Gardiner Quarter Horses; Kelli/Donnell Brown/RA Brown Ranch.

143, Little Plain Pepinic, $7,900
(3/25/2015 bay m) (Smart Little Pepinic x Miss Plain Reminic x Reminic); Hanson’s River Ranch; Reanna Dillman.

144, Black Russians Rock, $6,400
(3/5/2015 bay s) (That CD Rocks x La Patrona Del Gallo x Gallo Del Cielo); Robbie Humphreys/Flying Red Horse Ranch; Jymme Dominquez.

145, Cinabar Hot Pepto, $10,000
(3/30/2015 red roan s) (One Time Pepto x Miss Nica Dual x Mister Dual Pep); David Bush; John Ward.

146, Tuck N Moon, $2,750
(5/14/2015 chestnut g) (Cats Moonshine x To Tuckered To Play x Smokee Tucker); Diane Edwards; Edmund/Cary Dunn.

147, Rapp N Up Chex, $4,700
(5/4/2015 sorrel s) (Tomcat Chex x Cling Rapp x Smart Little Lena); Rick/Jalinda Covey; Casey Bierton.

148, Get It Bob, $3,300
(3/20/2015 bay s) (Gotta Go Get It x Bob Acre Lulu x Bob Acre Doc); Hanson’s River Ranch; William Patton.

149, Rock Stylin, $7,000
(3/24/2015 bay m) (That CD Rocks x Pepokadabra x Abrakadabracre); Marnie Owen; Carolina Cortez.

150, Dealmearoyalflushjoe, $2,000
(5/20/2015 sorrel s) (Texas Royal Flush x Jumpin Jo Jo x Especial); Mike /Beth Herren; Russ Davis.