DMT SnaffleBridle

Want the Perfect Bridle to Start Your Cow Bred Colts In?

DMT SnaffleBridle “Do you want a snaffle bridle that will fit your smaller colts correctly” asks Dennis Moreland Tack? Do you like to use only dense, tight fibered leather equipment on your horses so your signals run smoothly through the leather to the horse?

“I want every part of these bridles to fit the horses they’re used on” says Dennis Moreland. “I want these to fit well on a smaller 2 year old and on a big working ranch horse. I want the rider to have the best communication with their horse they’ve ever had.” This bridle is built with a ring snaffle, browband headstall, doubled and stitched 7 ft. reins and a leather curb.

Would you like to ride your colts in the same snaffle Boyd Rice, Matt Koch, Brad Lund and Luke Jones show their snaffle bit colts in? Two year old cutting horse trainer Gerald Alexander says, “This snaffle has more feel than any bit I’ve ever used”. This Ring Snaffle is designed with 5/16″ rings and a 3/8″ mouthpiece with a slight bow. The mouthpiece is inlaid with copper to promote salivation. A dry mouth is uncomfortable to your horse and makes it difficult to train them.

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“When I design and build these headstalls I make certain they have ample adjustment room. If your headstall is too small or too big you won’t have the communication you need to get the best from your horse. An ill-fitting headstall is also uncomfortable for your horse and in some cases can be a safety factor” says Dennis Moreland. “I make them with closely spaced adjustment holes to allow minor adjustments to be made.” They are comfortable on your horse and will last through years of hard use. Because browbands are critical to the function of the bridle I double and stitch mine. They will keep their shape. All the buckles on this bridle are beveled stainless steel.

At 7 feet in length the doubled and stitched reins are just right for riding colts and our shorter cow bred horses. They won’t drag the ground on colts or on horses that are collected in the show pen. Made of 2 pieces of tightly stitched latigo they will keep their feel even in cold weather. There are longer sizes available for bigger horses.

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This curb is AQHA and NRCHA legal. It’s made of 1/2 inch hand-edged latigo and is complimented with beautiful hand braided rawhide balls and loops.

This bridle is legal in any show that allows you to show in a snaffle bit. It’s made with dense, tight-fibered leather and a steel snaffle with copper inlaid in the mouthpiece. It will fit a variety of breeds and sizes of horses. For more information please call 817-312-5305 or email [email protected]. Check them out here:

We’re a full line manufacturer of handmade tack and we’re here to help you!

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