DMT bosalita

Secrets to Bosalita Use

DMT bosalita

Maintaining a soft mouth in a horse is every horseman’s and horsewoman’s goal. Once a horse is ready to transition from a hackamore or snaffle into a bit with shanks the 2 Rein Outfit can be used.

When using a 2 Rein, a bosal 3/8 inch in diameter or smaller, also known as a bosalita, is worn under the bridle. Where the bosalita fits is dependent on both the horse’s conformation and the length of the bits purchase (the part between the mouthpiece and headstall ring). If it needs to be worn under the purchase it should fit between the outwardly bent bridle rings on the bit and the horse’s nose. The bosalita in the picture is fitting above the bit.

The diameter of the bosalita is important. If it is wider than 3/8 inch in diameter it will rub or hang up on the bridle rings and cause unnecessary movement of the bit. The mecate should have about 2 inches of room between the knot and the chin so the horse will have room to work the bit in its mouth.

As the horse is beginning to learn to hold, carry and use the bit correctly, the rider can guide the horse with the bosalita and mecate, rather than pulling on the bit and hence hardening the mouth of the horse or causing head throwing. After careful practice and when the horse is ready to advance the mecate and romal can be used together and finally, the horse can be ridden successfully in the bridle. If used correctly and without rushing it can be done without hurting or scaring the horse.
The vaqueros started the use of a bosalita under the bridle hundreds of years ago. Use of this set up declined when the huge ranches in the U.S. were downsized in the middle 1800s to early 1900s but it’s making a big comeback now!

Handmade bosalitas, mane hair mecates and entire 2 Rein Outfits are available at Dennis Moreland Tack. There are classes at National Reined Cow Horse Association events and other associations for 2 Rein horses. To learn more about 2 Rein training visit with a trainer experienced in developing a bridle horse! To learn more about the Dennis Moreland bosalitas, mecates, and 2 Rein Outfits call 817-312-5305.

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