Dec15 16 QualityTimeofYear

Quality Time of Year

Dec15 16 QualityTimeofYear

Hi All!

What a year it has been! We had an incredible NRHA Futurity with all three of my Pale Face Dunnit colts making the top 10, along with my wife’s horse winning almost $50,000 in the Non-Pro. Many more of his foals showed well and had combined earnings of almost $188,000 at the Futurity!! This was a huge accomplishment as we bred, raised and trained all of the ones we showed. I want to take this opportunity to thank my family, staff and customers for all of your support. Without you, I would not be where I am.

These are the days when you feel very validated in your career. Trust me, there are many times I wonder if I can train horses at all! I think this is a normal feeling for most horse trainers and if it is not, you are probably not being honest with yourself or just have a huge ego! I still seek out help from my friends and mentors. I encourage everyone to do that, no matter what stage you are in of your career as either a professional or non-pro. Having someone who you respect watch you can be a big help. So thank you to my friends who help me!

As the year winds down, I like to take quality time with my family over the holidays. We enjoy spending Christmas in Colorado. Our kids love to snowboard, and we enjoy the mountains. I want to wish everyone “Happy Holidays,” and remember to love one another. After a tumultuous election, I hope we can move forward and work together to prosper as Americans.

I am already excited about next year’s horses, and look forward to a New Year! Feel free to email me with any topics you would like me to talk about for upcoming blogs. I would love to hear from you.
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Reining horse professional Craig Schmersal is the third-leading rider of all-time, with earnings of more than $3.2 million. Over the last decade, Craig has won almost all of the major reining events, often taking all three of his entries into the finals.

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