How to Tie the Saddlemaker’s Latigo Knot

DMT LOGO Have you checked your latigo for wear and tear lately? If it’s time to purchase a new latigo you may want to attach it to your saddle dee with the same knot custom saddle makers use! This video will show you how.

We visited saddlemaker Mark Meek of Mark Meek Saddlery in Weatherford, Texas, to learn how to tie this knot. You will need an awl or small Phillips screwdriver, pliers and saddle soap as well as your new latigo and tie string (lace). Follow along with this easy guideline while you watch the video:

1.     Rub both sides of your tie string (lace) through paste saddle soap to make it easier to slide in and out of the holes of your latigo. The edges of your string should already be beveled.

2.     Fold the latigo so all 6 holes line up. These holes will form a triangle. The short part of the fold (the front of the latigo and the part that will be facing you) should be facing up.

3.     Thread each tail of the lace/string through one of the bottom holes of the triangle going from the front to back.

4.     From the back pull the strings tight. Make sure they are even.

5.     Thread both ends of the string through the top hole from back to front. Make sure there are no twists. Pull the ends tight.

6.     Lace each end of the tie string back through each of the bottom holes. Pull the strings tight. The tie string ends have now been laced through each bottom hole twice.

7.     Use an awl or Phillips screwdriver to open the holes on the bottom of the triangle. You’ll need enough space to put the string through once more. Be careful not to puncture the string.

8.     From back to front bring one end of the lace around the side of the latigo and thread it through the bottom hole on that side. Make sure it’s not twisted. Use the pliers to pull the string about half way through. This is the third time the string has been threaded through the hole.

9.     Do the same on the other side.

10.  Turn the latigo over. Use the pliers to twist the looped parts of the tie string slightly, near the holes, so each side of the string is perpendicular to the edge of the latigo. Finish pulling the loop portion of the knot tight by pulling each tail with your pliers.

11.  Thread each tail under the opposite side of the knot that formed the V portion of the triangle.

12.  Pull the strings taut.

13.  Trim the string ends and tap the knot flat with a flattening hammer if desired.

All latigos at Dennis Moreland Tack are made from firm, tight-fibered burgundy latigo leather. They have been edged, hand-rubbed and waxed. They are exceptionally high quality and have great feel.

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