InthePast ITP01 MoneysGlo BWelch 62

In the Past: Where it Began

InthePast ITP01 MoneysGlo BWelch 62Money’s Glo and Buster Welch won the first NCHA Futurity in 1962. • Photo by Dalco

The first National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Futurity took place on November 13, 1962, in Sweetwater, Texas. That Sunday, as the three judges – Frank Dawes, T.C. Jenkins and H.J. Sonny Perry – rode horseback to the middle of the pen and strategically positioned themselves across it signaling the start of the finals, 20 riders tried to keep their minds off of the $10,438 to be paid out. It was the biggest purse for which they would ever cut.

The judging was a little different then. Besides being horseback, there were no score sheets with penalty points to mark or discussion of run content, at least under that terminology, and the scores were announced after each run. When the two-day event ended, Buster Welch riding Money’s Glo for C.E. Boyd III won the finals with a score of 224 points, winning 25 percent of the purse for a total of $3,131. Matlock Rose showing Peppy San for Howell Quarter Horse Ranch, of Dallas, was Reserve Champion, scoring a 221.

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