How to Tie Saddle Strings Up


Do you wish you didn’t have to pull your saddle strings out from under your saddle every time you cinch up? Saddle strings are handy to have when you need them but they’re a nuisance when you don’t.

Follow along on the video as Dennis Moreland shows you how to correctly tie your strings up to keep them neat and out of the way until you need them.

  1. Straighten the strings. Fold the top string up at approximately the middle. Fold it back down on itself at the top where it is bled (laced) on the saddle. The string should now have 2 folds.

  2. Hold the folds with one hand. Thread the bottom string through the loop at the top that was made by the 2nd fold in the top string. It doesn’t matter if you do this from right to left or left to right. Pull the bottom string all the way through the loop.

  3. Continue holding the folds. Begin wrapping the bottom string around the folded top string. Wrap it so the edge of each wrap touches the edge of the one before it. Make the wraps fairly tight.

  4. When your wraps reach the bottom of the folds thread the end of the bottom string through the bottom fold.

  5. Pull the bottom string tight.

  6. Hold the wraps steady with one hand and pull down on the end of the top string to tighten the folds with the other hand.

Your strings are neat, tidy and out of your way. You can easily and quickly untie them when you need to use them!

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