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In the Past: Cowgirl Hall of Fame Buckles

InthePast CowgirlBuckles250Woody Bartlett (left) and Stacie McDavid (center) presented memorial buckles to (left to right) Lindy Burch, Linda Holmes, Morgan Cromer, Cara Barry and Jennifer Pounds. • QHN File Photo

Fourteen Cowgirl Hall of Fame buckles, sponsored by H.B. “Woody” Bartlett in memory of his late wife, Deborah Kelley Bartlett, were presented to the 2005 NCHA Futurity’s high-scoring female competitors in each round of the Open, Non-Pro and Amateur divisions, plus the high-scoring female riders in the $50,000 Limited Open and $100,000 Limited Non-Pro finals. Buckle recipients must have been members of the National Cowgirl Museum.

The buckles were presented by Bartlett, of Pike Road, Alabama, and National Cowgirl Museum representative Stacie McDavid, of Fort Worth, Texas. Cowgirl Hall of Fame Futurity Open buckle winners included Kelle Earnheart (finals and semifinals), Cara Barry (first go-round) and Lindy Burch (second go-round). Morgan Cromer received the Limited Open buckle.

In the Futurity Non-Pro, Cowgirl Hall of Fame buckles were awarded to Sandy Bonelli (Non-Pro Champion), Linda Holmes (second go-round and semifinals) and Janet Westfall (first go-round). Jennifer Pounds, the Limited Non-Pro Champion, also received a buckle.

In the Amateur division, Cowgirl Hall of Fame buckles went to Amateur Champion Elly McGregor, Missy Jean Rosenberg (second go-round and semifinals) and Karen Michelle Anderson (first go-round). 

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