InthePast 01 PlaygunSunDual BRice Fall06PM

In the Past: Calm, Cool & Collected

InthePast 01 PlaygunSunDual BRice Fall06PMPlaygun Sun Dual and Boyd Rice never hesitated after falling during the cow work, continuing the run that rewarded them with The Big Show In Waco’s Futurity Open Championship. • Photo by Primo Morales

This photo of Equi-Stat Elite $5 Million Rider Boyd Rice, of Weatherford, Texas, depicts just how calm, cool and collected he stays under pressure in the show pen.

The veteran cutting and reined cow horse rider and Playgun Sun Dual (Playgun x Dually Sunette x Dual Pep), a 2003 stallion bred by Joe Ayres/A&A Inc., of Wichita Falls, Texas, not only survived what could have been a treacherous fall during the Futurity Open finals’ cow work at the 2006 The Big Show In Waco, held in Waco, Texas, the pair rebounded to win the Open Championship. Playgun Sun Dual and Rice actually tied Smart Crackin Chic and Todd Crawford for the high composite score (433), but their higher cow work score (146) broke the tie.

Following a stop on a cow, the young stallion slipped to his belly, then bounced right back to his feet – all the while with Rice sitting squarely in the saddle. Without missing a beat, the pair kept control of the cow and finished sixth in the cow work.

Rice, who said he’d never had a horse fall and then get up and finish a run, was just glad it worked out. “I was just trying to catch the cow,” he said following the run.

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