How to Measure for Cinch Length


Need to get a cinch that fits correctly? Follow along with the video to see how easy it can be to get the right size cinch for your horse.

To get the right size cinch start by saddling your horse and tightening the cinch just as you normally would. Check to be certain the middle D rings on your cinch are in the middle of your horse’s belly. If they aren’t, adjust the length of the off side latigo/double off latigo until the cinch D rings are in the middle of the belly. When you have the cinch tightened measure from the bottom of the saddle D ring to the top of the cinch buckle on each side. This measurement should be equal on each side and be between 6 and 8 inches when the cinch is tightened. If you have more than 8 inches, simply add the number of inches you’re over on each side to the length cinch you have on the horse. That will give you the correct size cinch to buy. Do the opposite for a measurement that’s less than 6 inches.

A cinch that fits correctly is safer than one that’s too long or too short. Your saddle will balance better on your horse with the right size cinch. The cinch buckles are less likely to rub on the saddle’s fender hardware if your cinch fits and a cinch that’s too long can be difficult or impossible to tighten adequately. Keeping the cinch D rings in the middle of the belly prevents the D rings from rubbing and chafing the inside of the horse’s legs.

Hand-tied, 31 strand, Mohair-blend Cinches were the first product I made when I started my business forty years ago. My cinches are designed to always pull straight to prevent galling. The majority of cinches available today are made with only 27 strands of cord or less. I designed these cinches with 31 strands to be more comfortable; you can feel the difference and so can your horse.

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