CatCee HCogdell 16HH

Four Champions Crowned at West Texas Futurity

4-Year-Old Amateur

MetallicTassa ALarsen 16HHAl Larsen & Metallic TassaAl Larsen and Metallic Tassa (Metallic Cat x Smart Little Tassa x Smart Little Lena) made both the 4-Year-Old Unlimited Amateur and Unlimited Amateur finals. Unfortunately, they had some tough luck during the Unlimited Amateur finals, but they redeemed themselves when they marked a 217 in the Amateur finals for the Championship.

In addition to the $800 they earned in the Unlimited Amateur, they received a paycheck for $3,200 after claiming the Amateur title. Larsen, of Denver, Colorado, has total lifetime earnings of nearly $80,000, and Metallic Tassa surpassed $55,000 in earnings.

“My biggest concern was I was trying to be soft, but accurate,” Larsen said. “These cattle have been real good, but you do have to drive them out.”

Lesley Day and Hick CD Chic and Kelly Watson and Tomcats Choice both marked 210s for the Co-Reserve Championship. They each earned $2,700.

5/6-Year-Old Amateur

CatsLittleBoomer BAnderson 16HHBella Anderson & Cats Little BoomerBella Anderson may have been the youngest rider in the 5/6-Year-Old Amateur finals, but that didn’t stop her from taking home the Championship. She and Cats Little Boomer (High Brow Cat x Peps Little Boomer x Peppys Dry Award) earned a 222, which was worth a $4,400 payday.

Anderson’s mother, Michelle Anderson also showed Cats Little Boomer in the 5/6-Year-Old Non-Pro, but just missed the finals. Cats Little Boomer has earned $170,000 in his cutting career, and Anderson has Equi-Stat earnings of more than $25,000.

“My first cow was kind of hard to cut at first, but once I got it cut, my horse just kind of sucked back was real neat,” Anderson said.

Katherine Van Boekel added another $3,900 to her bankroll when she and Sweet EE Motion marked a 218.5 for the Reserve title.

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