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Before You Purchase a Reined Cow Horse

khudsonreykdal slrwonsmartwolfKeri Hudson-Reykdal, pictured with SLR Won Smart Wolf, has enjoyed a lot of success in the reined cow horse pen, and she has some advice to get you off on the right foot.It is easy to get excited by the idea of chasing a cow down the fence at breakneck speed, only to slide to a stop in front of her, turning her the other way, but where do you start?

The National Reined Cow Horse Association’s affiliates are a great way to get involved, and Keri Hudson-Reykdal, who won the 2016 NRCHA Derby Non-Pro, Intermediate Non-Pro and Novice Non-Pro championships, has a tip before you purchase your first horse.

“I would say spend the money to buy the best horse that you can, because a good horse will teach you so much,” Hudson-Reykdal said. “And then you don’t have to struggle so much with them learning and you learning. If you can get a good horse and a good trainer that will teach you, then that would be my best tip.”

If you need help finding someone who can lead you to the right horse and get you started with cow horses, check out the NRCHA’s affiliate directory.