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Grass Roots Cutting Will Be Held During Summer Spectacular

WillRogers forwebRegion Eight is holding a grass roots cutting during the NCHA Summer Spectacular at the Will Rogers Memorial Center. • QHN file photoThe National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) Affiliate Grass Roots Cutting program, started in 2013, has been growing in popularity each year. The shows, started as a way to give people a fun, low-cost introduction to cutting, are generally held in conjunction with weekend shows around the country. But on July 23, a grass roots cutting will be held during a major limited-age event for the first time.

PK Cutters is hosting the show, which will be held during the NCHA Summer Spectacular at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Cutting in the Watt Arena, the venue of the NCHA World Finals, will allow riders to experience the sights and sounds of a big-time cutting without the added pressure.

Lindy Burch and other Region Eight directors are optimistic about the event’s turnout and are hoping this year’s attendants will appreciate the world-class setting.

“I think it’s a very good venue,” Burch said. “I think it gives grass roots cutters a chance to come to Will Rogers [Memorial Center]. They’re not showing in the Will Rogers [Coliseum] pen, but they’re showing in the next best pen. So I think it’s going to be really interesting. I’m hoping we have a huge turn out and I think we will.”

Riders competing at the grass roots cutting will cut two cows with two minutes on the clock. At past events, the format was popular among the new and beginner cutters. Burch thinks that with a shorter show time and minimal entry fees, the event will appeal to a wide spectrum of riders and offer a fun and relaxed environment for all involved.

“You have to charge so much to cover your cattle costs, and it becomes exorbitant to the normal person that just wants to go have fun and cut and work a cow,” said Burch of the major cuttings. “That’s why this whole program was created – to allow people to just go have fun. They don’t have to mark a lot; they don’t have to aspire to be the top Open rider or the top Non-Pro rider of the world. They may stay in that area or that division forever, and that’s all good.”

The event will offer Open, Non-Pro and $50,000 Amateur classes, in addition to Junior and Senior Youth classes. There is also an unapproved Unlimited Amateur and a Never Won A Buckle class. Fresh cattle will be provided for all of the classes except the Never Won A Buckle class, and a slew of awards like NCHA trophies and Platinum vests will be offered. After riders are finished competing and collecting awards, they can head over to the Will Rogers Coliseum to check out some of the cutters at the NCHA Summer Spectacular.

“They can go watch the top cutters cut,” Burch said. “I think that’s very inspiring in how you get better; you may never get to that level, nor want to. But it’s kind of nice; I love to turn tennis on and watch Serena Williams play tennis. I’m never going to be that good even though I love tennis. But it’s great to see how she can do it or how Roger Federer can do it, because I’m a fan. What we’re trying to do is inspire, elicit and attract fans to our sport.”

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To enter, call or text Show Secretary Jessica McLauchlin at (940)-550-8012

For more information on the rules of the NCHA Affiliate Grass Roots Cutting, click here