NRHA’s Foundation Announces New Name

NRHAThe NRHA’s philanthropic group has been renamed and rebranded • Photo courtesy of the NRHAThe philanthropic arm of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) is marking its 15th anniversary with a name change and rebranding as the Reining Horse Foundation. Core programs for the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization include youth scholarships, the Dale Wilkinson Memorial Crisis Fund and the NRHA Hall of Fame.

Mark Blake, president of the Oklahoma City-based organization, said, “This name change is one element in a freshening of everything that is the Reining Horse Foundation. We have announced a new donor society called the Reiners Club, and we will soon unveil a new logo and mission statement.

“The Foundation’s Board of Directors has spent considerable time evaluating what this organization is about and how we can make a greater impact on the reining community in the years ahead. This name change should signify positive change to everyone who is interested in the sport of reining and the equestrian community at large.”

Vice President Tim Anderson said, “The Reining Horse Foundation is about caring for the reining community and honoring the sport’s legacy. We know people around the world love reining horses and the people associated with them. Supporting the Foundation is a way to put your passion into action in several meaningful ways.”

“The work that was done as the Reining Horse Sports Foundation was fundamental to get us to this point,” Blake said. “We want to take the investment so many have made and use this rebranding as a way to recruit, connect with the western horse community and fundraise. We’ll be working harder to share the Foundation’s story more ways and in more places.”

Donors can give to the Reiners Club at new expanded giving tiers that should broaden the reach of the former One Hundred Grand Club. The foundation always welcomes cash gifts of any amount, including those made to honor or memorialize individuals.