Horse Color Inspections Offered at AjPHA Youth World Show

SiennaAt the AjPHA Youth World Show, owners will the opportunity to test their minimally marked APHA-registered Paint Horses to see if they qualify for regular registry. • Photo by Kristin PitzerDo you have a minimally marked Paint Horse that you think qualifies for the American Paint Horse Association’s (APHA) regular registry? Head on over to Fort Worth, Texas, with your horse in tow for a complimentary color inspection during this year’s American Junior Paint Horse Association (AjPHA) Youth World Championship Show.

In an effort to assist APHA members in having their minimally marked Paint Horses reviewed for possible inclusion in the association’s regular registry, APHA MemberCare staff will offer inspections June 28-July 6. These complimentary inspections will take place at the identification station located on the northeast corner of the Richardson-Bass Building, near the John Justin Arena paddock, at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth.

“This is a simple way to expedite inspections for those who live nearby or for those bringing horses to the Youth World Show,” said APHA Executive Director Billy Smith.

To request an inspection, simply bring your Paint Horse to the show’s identification station. No inspection fee is required, but the horse must have a health certificate and negative Coggin’s test. If the horse is staying at the show, a stall fee is required; no stalls are required for haul-in inspections. The identification station is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on June 28, and one hour before classes begin daily until 5 p.m. thereafter.

If you can’t make it to Fort Worth for the AjPHA Youth World Championship Show, don’t worry – similar inspections will be conducted during the APHA World Championship Show in November.

For more information, contact Director of MemberCare Theresa Brown at [email protected]