Summary of Approved 2017 NRHA Rule Changes

The National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Board of Directors reviewed all 2017 rule change proposals submitted to the body at the end of 2016. The board considered long-term administrative, global and fiduciary impact, in addition to member feedback provided via its website, direct contact and committee recommendations.

All action taken will become effective Jan. 1, 2017. For more detailed and complete information on each item, log onto the Members Only section of Details of the proposals will be available soon.

Approved Rule Changes

• 68-01-17: No longer requires mandatory cross entry into Rookie 1 or Rookie 2 if showing in Rookie Prime Time

• 76-01-17: Requires show secretaries to be re-certified every two years

• 77-01-17: Clarifies that medication testing fees are included in the list of show-related fees

• 82-01-17: Clarifies conditions regarding added monies in Category 1 Open classes

• 86-02-17: Clarifies procedures regarding donated trophies

• 88-01-17: Clarifies rules in regards to NRHA World title

• 105-01-17: Allows the creation of a judges approval and testing policy

• 111-01-17: Use of Bluetooth headsets will result in a no score, excluding para reining

• 152-01-17: Provides a more specific definition of obvious lameness

• 154-01-17: Updates the Penalty Score Zero section of the NRHA Judges Guide to include circles that are completed incorrectly

Failed or No Action Taken

• 44-01-17: Add a section in disciplinary action that matched the Code of Ethics that must be on file for an NRHA Professional

• 65-01-17: Limits non-pro exhibitors to one entry per aged-event class

• 65-02-17: Clarify snaffle bit or hackamore rules

• 66-01-17: Allow youth to compete in aged events without eliminating them from rookie eligibility

• 71-01-17: Create a Ranch Reining class

• 77-02-17: Create a rider’s representative at NRHA events

• 86-01-17: Would require that only Open and Non-Pro classes in ancillary show to award a Lawson trophy

• 89-01-17: Eliminate the Certificates of Achievements

• 66-02-17: Restrict riders from cross entering the 13 & Under and Short Stirrup at the same show

• 96-01-17: Create a Walk/Jog Reining class

• 109-01-17: Clarifies ties in Freestyle classes

Complete information on rule change voting will be posted at a later date on the Members Only section of and in the NRHA Reiner magazine.

Incorporated in 1966, the NRHA is the standard-setting body for the sport of reining. The NRHA, with its international headquarters in Oklahoma City, is responsible for promoting the sport of reining and working to ensure the highest standards of competition. To learn more about the NRHA, its programs and family of corporate partners, visit