Dennis Moreland Tack Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

Dennis Moreland Tack Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore

The weight of the heel knot on this Dennis Moreland Hard 3 Plait Flat Hackamore causes it to fall instantly when the pressure on the rein is released. This releases the pressure of the noseband providing an instant reward for a proper response. Signals from this hackamore are strong. I make this hackamore for use mainly on the older horse and I don’t recommend it for starting or training young colts.

The noseband on this hackamore is made of 3 plait twisted nylon rope. The rope is 3/16 inch in diameter. At 5 inches in width between the cheeks this hackamore is 11 inches in length from top to bottom. It comes with a harness leather browband headstall, fiador and with your choice of hackamore rein The rein will be tied to the hackamore before it’s sent.

There are a variety of other hackamores made at Dennis Moreland Tack ranging from those with extremely soft nosebands all the way to those with very stiff nosebands. Several hackamores are made with hand braided rawhide covering the noseband. Check them out here or call 817-312-5305 for more information.

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