What Are Doubled and Stitched Reins?


If you’re looking for a rein that drapes well, has tons of feel and keeps its shape and pliability even in cold weather doubled and stitched reins may be for you says Dennis Moreland of Dennis Moreland Tack.

To make these reins http://bit.ly/1G1qMLl I start with whole sides of latigo leather. I work closely with the tannery to get only dense, tight fibered sides of latigo that I know will make good reins. Each side is placed on a large table and cut by hand into 8 foot rectangles. For ease in handling I cut the rectangles into foot wide strips. The strips are glued together and then pressed together tightly with a hand-cranked roller press. The roller press looks similar to a press on an old fashioned washing machine that was used to squeeze the water out of the clothes. The roller press not only helps the glue stick better but more importantly it packs the fibers even more tightly. Dense fibered leather makes much better quality tack than loose fibered leather.

Next the large strips are allowed to dry before being run through a machine known as a strap cutter. The strap cutter cuts the correct width strips to make each rein. For consistency from this point forward the 2 strips (reins) that come out of the strap cutter side by side remain together as a pair. Next the reins are stitched so tightly that the stitches are compressed into the leather. Now the rein end holes are punched so the rein ends or water loops can be attached. The final step is hand edging, rubbing, oiling, and re-rubbing each and every rein. Now they’re ready to ride!

If used correctly there are no gray signals in these tight-fibered doubled and stitched reins. They will have good even contact with the horses face because of the quality of leather and the attention to detail in each step in the building process. Another built in benefit: they hold their flexibility and shape even in the coldest weather.

I offer 2 different weights: heavy and medium. Two pieces of 12 oz. latigo are stitched to make heavy weight reins that are approximately 3/8 inch thick. The medium weight reins are made of 2 pieces of 10 oz. latigo resulting in reins approximately 9/32nd of an inch thick. These reins are available in 7 foot and 7 foot 9 inch lengths and in ½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch widths.

Dennis Moreland Tack Doubled and Stitched Reins are built to last. Trainers tell me they love these reins for their weight and feel. They will last for years. Take a look at the reins at http://bit.ly/1G1qMLl or give me a call with any questions 817-312-5305.

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