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The Start of Something New — With Shane Plummer

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Shane JaneShane and Jane PlummerToday I am starting something new. Today I am officially a blogger! I’ve never blogged in my life, so bear with me. In order for this blog to be of value to my readership, please feel free to let me know any topics or points of discussion you’d like me to write about.

As this is my first one, I thought perhaps to share an email I received today. The email came from a client that asked me, “Can I ask a personal question, I hope one day to be a successful breeder in this industry. Can I ask how you have become so successful and to be one of the leading breeders in the world?”

This was my reply:

Nothing personal about your question. However, your question isn’t an easy answer. It’s a question like, “how long is a piece of string?”

Success isn’t a destination, it isn’t a $ figure, it isn’t a set of credentials. Success is defined in a personal way. If your goal is one championship, once achieved, you’ll go for another. Etc. etc. etc. etc..

My definition of success in the horse business is to simply survive in the horse business. To be able to provide for my family, to care for those that I employ, and to be of real value to my customers. I want to be able to do it as long as I can. All businesses eventually go out of business, I just try every day to make that not happen today….

Successful animal husbandry is an art-form. Success in the horse business is a disciplined science. Marrying the two together is the great challenge. I try every day to not fail.

Be patient, make good decisions and hope for luck every day. I’d rather be lucky than smart and this game takes a lot of luck. Some things are just out of your control and you must be pliable enough to face the disappointment and keep moving forward.

Surround yourself with the best horses you can afford, do business with honest, reliable people, and when it comes to those that provide services in this business: trainers, vets, farriers, etc – find real disciplined talent.

In life we have to take care of the little things, and when we do, the big things tend to take care of themselves.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I wish you and yours the very best and again please feel free to let me know any topics or information you’d like me to write on. Feel free to email me: [email protected]

All the best!


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About Shane Plummer

Shane D. Plummer is a second-generation horseman. He owns and operates SDP Buffalo Ranch. Growing up in the industry, he has been involved in nearly all aspects. Shane has been in many leadership positions from athletic, scholastic, ecclesiastical and professional all of his life. Shane is an Eagle Scout and has received a half-dozen National Academic awards throughout his educational career. After high school, Shane served two years as a missionary in Taiwan, Republic of China. He then graduated from the University of Utah with a BS in Chinese and a minor in Business. Shane has a deep passion for the horse business and has a keen understanding of its economics. He’s a true stallion manager with proven results. He has also sold millions of dollars worth of horses.  Shane has a global vision and has opened successful markets internationally. He has extensive knowledge in genetics and mating selection in animal husbandry due to another passion of his, Racing and Fancy Pigeons. He enjoys sharing his experience with others and seeing them succeed. Shane currently sits on the Board of the National Cutting Horse Association’s Stallion Owners & Breeders Committee. He holds an NCHA Judges Card. Shane is also a certified Appraiser with the American Society of Equine Appraisers. He has won nearly $300,000 in NCHA competition with numerous top aged event finals and championships. Shane married his high school sweetheart, Jane, and they have five children.