How to Attach Curb Straps and Bit Hobbles

It looks so easy! Then you attach the new curb or bit hobble to your bit and there’s too many loops left over! Follow along as Dennis Moreland shows the simple way to keep track of where the loops and connector go back on the strap. The video demonstrates with a 4 loop strap but the guideline gives the steps for both 2 and 4 loop straps.

Follow along here:

  1. Place the bit on the table with the back facing up. If you have a shanked bit the rein loops should be pointing toward you.
  2. Take the curb strap or bit hobble apart. Leave one loop on a 2 loop strap and leave 2 loops on a 4 loop strap.
  3. With the connector (buckle or rawhide knot) facing down slide the loop(s) remaining on the strap all the way to the buckle.
  4. Starting from the outside thread the tail of the curb strap through the left attachment loop or headstall ring on a shanked bit or left ring on a snaffle. For a bit hobble slide tail through the left rein ring.
  5. Now thread the tail through the loop you left on the strap. If you started with a 4 loop strap you should thread it through only the 1st loop.
  6. Put remaining 1 or 2 loops on the strap.
  7. Thread the curb strap tail through the right ring of the bit (or rein end if you have a bit hobble) and around and through the loop(s) you just put on the strap.
  8. Buckle the buckle or connect the ball knot.
  9. If you started with a 4 loop strap put the tail of the strap through the keeper loop. If you started with a 2 loop strap the tail hangs.
  10. Slide the loops so they’re in place on the strap.

Dennis Moreland Tack makes a number of handmade curb straps from very mild to those that give a strong signal. Curbs and bit hobbles are available with or without rawhide accents. Check out the curb selection here: or call 817-312-5305.

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